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Which actors with pop-culture cachet would be perfect for 'Riverdale''s Edgar Evernever? Here are eight such dudes who we would love to see in the role.

The ballroom is calling you! The second season of 'Pose' will sashay into your bingewatch list over at FX on Sunday, June 9th, 2019 at 9 pm.

Ryan Murphy's 'Pose' is another in a long line of pop cultural moments that owe their existence to the legendary LGBTQI scene and to the controversial documentary that

Navigating romantic relationships as a teen was never easy – not only were we finding our feet, but we had those dreaded hormones to contend with. Luckily we

We’re hitting a major milestone, ladies and gentlemen. Fourteen years ago on May 6th, 'Friends' aired its last ever episode and 52.5 million viewers tuned in to say

Horror fans, rejoice! 'Scream 2' has been added to both Hulu and Netflix for May, which means you can rewatch the beloved sequel for the gazillionth time. In

Replenish your coke stash and wash your room with neon, because a 'Less Than Zero' TV show is in the works at Hulu. Here are six adaptations of

Whack on those slap bracelets, dig out your epic gel pen collection, and get ready for a nostalgic sobbing sesh, because today we’re looking back at the hottest

FX orders Ryan Murphy’s Pose to series; makes history with largest LGBTQ cast Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story) is about to make history. He’s not alone, though. Kate Mara, James