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Bad news for fans and cast of 'One Day at a Time': the show has officially been canceled for the second time. Where did it go wrong?

Pour one out for 'One Day at a Time', which has been canceled a second time. What's Isabella Gomez up to next?

The cast and crew of 'One Day at a Time' are once again hearing the news that their show has been cancelled.

The Netflix chopping block is not the end of the road. 'One Day at a Time' has been revived for season 4. Here's why you should watch.

We’re only scratching the service in terms of the content that is available to viewers. Here's the best depictions of lesbian love on television.

Netflix didn't renew acclaimed sitcom 'One Day at a Time'. While we pine for the Alvarez Family, let's look at TV's best depictions of Latinx families.

It's Pride week! For our younger readers, here’s our ranking of eleven of the best LGBTQI teen TV show characters of all time.