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Documentary filmmaker Jay Geerts is bringing suicide back into the forefront with his new short film 'The Days Go By'.

'Actors of God' directed by Arsalan Baraheni is a Canadian arthouse film dabbling in being social, poetic and mystical.

It’s taken a long time for filmmaker Matt Long to get to make 'Soldiers of Embers'. Here's what you need to know about the indie project.

For filmmaker Srishti Chhabria, 'Incriminating Mary' was far from her first project. Here's our interview with Srishti Chhabria.

Dani Coleman has been killing the acting game for years, but she's finally taking the step behind the camera to direct her own indie shorts.

Dalton Burdette's new horror short film 'Contrition' is one of many projects coming out of his produciton company Movie Knights Productions.

Indie director Justin Foia is reaping in the rewards of his latest movie 'Point Defiance'. We sat down to find out more about the movie.

Kevin Williams is breaking onto the scene with extremely personal films. Learn more about what inspired him to create 'Beautifully. Love. Dark.'

Robert Goose Scott has been telling stories across film and theater for years. But his latest short 'A Clean Sleep' is something special.