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'A Savannah Haunting' is a new horror film by director William Mark McCullough and Alexis M. Nelson. Learn about the film here.

What’s scarier than ghosts? Locations haunted by said ghosts! Learn more about this San Francisco scary haunted house.

For those of you unfamiliar with the lore behind the Winchester Mystery House, then let’s tell you a story about the tragedy in the original haunted house.

We’ve put together a list of all the best haunted house movies – everyone who loves scary movies has to see these films. Check them out.

Is there a haunted house near me? When the quarantine lifts and it’s safe to travel, here are some of the best haunted houses in the US to

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most bone-chilling haunted houses and the movies and shows that give you a first-hand look into their stories.

Since the early days of cinema, haunted house movies have been the easiest way to get audiences scared of their own homes. Here's the very best.