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Is there a haunted house near me? When the quarantine lifts and it’s safe to travel, here are some of the best haunted houses in the US to check out.

“Is there a haunted house near me?” The best haunted houses in the US

Do you like stories of the paranormal? Do you know the differences between the Sallie House and the Conjuring House? If you love stories about real life hauntings, then chances are that you’re looking for something a little more exciting to do when the lockdown lifts. We suggest you check any haunted houses near where you live. 

Who knows? It may be time for you to journey into mystery to explore the depths of some famous haunted houses. If you dare that is because some of these haunted homes can truly be terrifying. So if you’re looking for a road trip when the quarantine lifts and it’s safe to travel, here are some of the best haunted houses in the US to check out.

The Whaley House — San Diego, California

The Whaley House is considered to be one of the most haunted houses in the country. So if you live near San Diego, then be sure to make the trip to go see it. In 1852, a man named “Yankee Jim” was hung for the crime of grand larceny. Several years later, Robert Whaley decided to build his home atop the site of the execution. 

When the Whaley family inhabited the home, they could apparently hear Yankee Jim around the house. Following their own deaths, many members of the Whaley family joined him in the haunt along with a ghost dog. The activity has been well-documented to the point that the US Commerce Department classified the home as “haunted” in the 1960s. 

Villisca Axe Murder House — Villisca, Iowa

True crime fans who also like stories of the supernatural will be pleased with this two for the price of one haunted house. The Villisca Axe Murder House sits in the middle of the small town in Iowa. In 1912, six members of the Moore family along with two house guests were killed by axe blows to their heads. Six of the victims were children between the ages of 12 and 5. 

The Villisca axe murders remain unsolved to this day, despite a lot of suspects including an Iowa state senator at the time. Unfortunately, however, nothing came of it. This is why people think that the house is haunted because the spirits never got justice for their deaths. Visitors can book tours, but the truly brave book an overnight stay at the house.

Bell Witch Cave — Adams, Tennessee 

Hearing the name the Bell Witch is enough to make even the bravest paranormal enthusiast shake in their books. In the 1800s, John Bell bought a tract of land along the Tennessee Red River and built a house. When they started to see strange things on the property, however, they found themselves sharing a home with an odd spirit. Bell and his daughter Betsy were the frequent targets of the spirit’s attacks. 

They experienced physical attacks, heard noises, sometimes the witch would speak and curse them. The Bell Witch is said to have killed John Bell. All of this has been heavily documented. Honestly, the Bell Witch is probably the most well-documented haunting on record with a lot of eyewitness accounts and testimony.

You can visit a reconstruction of the house, go to the cave, or head to town for the Bell Witch Festival on Halloween. 

Sallie House — Atchison, Kansas

If you’re looking for creepy haunted houses, then look no further than the Sallie House. It doesn’t just have ghosts, oh no, the Sallie House is said to be home to a demon, who takes on the form of a little girl. The best known activity of the house took place in the 90s when Debra and Troy Pickman moved in and strange activity began to happen in the home.

The Pickman’s, especially Troy, heard odd noises, saw apparitions, possessions moved, and, more horrifyingly, were physically attacked. Previous owners also confirmed the presence of something in the house with a daughter of one of the owners saying that the ghost was her imaginary friend as a child. 

Even worse, there are some signs of rituals taking place into the house, which lend credence to the whole demon theory. Most of this evidence is down in the basement of the home because, where else honestly.

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