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Cardi B got on Twitter today to start a trend about pain relievers. Read all about the obscure question she asked her fans and how they responded here.

The saga of the girl who sprayed Gorilla Glue on her hair is definitely one of the most buzzworthy things. Dive into the latest news.

The awful ordeal of Tessica Brown has washed down the drain thanks to Dr. Michael Obeng, who knew how to remove Gorilla Glue.

The internet just put to bed the story of Gorilla Glue Girl, but now we have a man gluing a cup to his face on our hands.

Tessica Brown had one unfortunate morning and within a month, became the internet's next meme: the Gorilla Glue woman. Hear her side of the meme.

The saga of Gorilla glue removal continues. Discover all the new details as the woman who sprayed her hair with the super strong adhesive speaks out.

Wondering how to remove Gorilla Glue? So is all of Twitter and TikTok. Here's why everyone is frantically Googling right now.

Why on earth would anyone use Gorilla Glue in their hair? Here's how Twitter suggests you remove it and get out of that sticky situation.