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Kevin Krouglow is the composer of the new comedy film 'Eat Wheaties!'. Learn about Krouglow and the film here.

Marlon Espino has contributed music to hit films like 'Moana' and 'Planes'. Learn about his career and his new film scores here.

Matthew Head is an acclaimed film and TV composer. Find out what Head had to say about his career and his new project.

Alec Puro is a successful musician and film composer. Learn more about his career and his recent slate of projects.

Enis Rotthoff is a very accomplished film composer. We talked to him about his eclectic style and his new film 'Love Sarah'.

Erick Schroder is a mutli-instrumentalist and film composer. Learn what he has to say about the process and his upcoming projects.

Chad Rehmann has scored dozens of horror and holiday movies. We talk to the music composer about his career and his creative process.

Up and coming composer Jaimie Pangan is already impacting the landscape of modern films. Here's why you should be paying attention.