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So who exactly is Cathy Yan and what was she doing before the 'Birds of Prey'? Here’s everything we know about DC’s hottest newcomer.

Dorothy Arzner was an absolute boss. She joins the ranks of several other badass females, women who shook up the film industry and moved it forward.

During this period of introspection, we’re taking a look at some of the best charities and organizations out there helping female filmmakers.

Rather than simply sitting back and despairing, female film organizations have launched to encourage women both in before and behind the lens.

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To celebrate the historic Taormina Film Fest's female-led jury, we’re looking at the other top female-fronted film festivals.

Podcasts are a great medium. If you’re looking for audio inspiration, here are some of the best podcasts for filmmakers and film buffs alike.

Looking to break into the film industry? These are the best writing courses on Stage 32 to help you start working on your dream project.

Submitting work for consideration to a indie fests can be nervewracking. What do film festivals look for in a successful movie submission?