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It’s been two years since Fan Bingbing faced international scrutiny for a massive tax evasion scandal. Here's what happened.

We all love a good spy film, especially when we get to see women kick butt. Get to know 'The 355', an upcoming spy film with an all

Fan Bingbing was on the top of China's entertainment industry before her tax evasion scandal. But can she find her way back to the top?

After her tax evasion scandal, some companies are suing Fan Bingbing over contractual disputes. Will these scandals wash out her acting career for good?

Will Fan Bingbing accept a fan's marriage proposal? Check out why we're not convinced the Chinese superstar will be walking down the aisle anytime soon.

Fan Bingbing is returning to the small screen after a two year hiatus. Read more about the project that is finally getting a release.

If you haven’t been formally introduced to Fan Bingbing yet, let’s talk about why Fan Bingbing needs to be your new favorite actress.

While we could easily spend days discussing Cannes’s questionable decision-making, we do like to keep you informed and there is of course a smorgasbord of cinematic talent introducing