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After her tax evasion scandal, some companies are suing Fan Bingbing over contractual disputes. Will these scandals wash out her acting career for good?

Will Fan Bingbing’s career ever recover after multiple lawsuits?

Fan Bingbing, the Chinese actress known for the drama The Empress of China, is facing serious repercussions for a tax-evasion scandal. Once an icon of China’s flourishing film & TV industry, Bingbing could now lose everything she worked for.

The tax scandal occurred over two years ago, instantly tarnishing Bingbing’s good name. She disappeared for months, held under house arrest while tax authorities rooted through the records of her long successful career as an actress & businesswoman. 

After this incident, Fan Bingbing posted an apology on social media apologizing for her tax evasion. She also paid 883 million yuan to both authorities and businesses in unpaid taxes and penalties. Spared criminal charges, it seemed as though Bingbing could put it all behind her and continue on in her career. 

Sadly, it turns out that Bingbing’s legal battle isn’t over. Le Vision Pictures and other companies are suing her due to contractual disputes. With Bingbing’s scandalous history bubbling up again, what will be the fate of the esteemed actress? Will we see Fan Bingbing in future productions, or will these scandals wash her out for good? 

Le Vision lawsuit

More specifically, Le Vision Pictures is suing Wuxi Aimeishen Movie & Culture, which is a company under Bingbing & her mother Zhuang Chuanmei. According to the Chinese media, the case concerns the movie L.O.R.D: Legend Of Ravaging Dynasties 2 which features Fan Bingbing, singer Kris Wu, & Hong Kong actor William Chan. 

The L.O.R.D sequel was supposed to be released back in July of 2018, but was halted due to Fan’s tax scandal. Her contracts were supposedly “yin-and-yang” in order to let her skirt around tax payments. Le Vision is a key investor in the movie, and seeks repayment for their losses. 

Wu Xiubo lawsuit

Not only is Le Vision harping on Bingbing, but a company headed by Wu Xiubo is taking legal action against Fan Bingbing. Khorgos Buer Culture Media is focusing on contractual feuds connected to television series Legend Of Ba Qing and film Sky Hunter.

An epic historical drama, Legend Of Ba Qing features Fan Bingbing & Gao Yunxiang. Much like the L.O.R.D. sequel, Legend of Ba Qing was withheld after Gao’s arrest & Bingbing’s tax evasion scandal. 

Sky Hunter, directed by Li Chen (Bingbing’s ex), did release but is still suing Bingbing over financial disagreements. Whether the legal barrage is out of spite or injustice, Bingbing is facing some serious detriments to her career.  

Crumbling career

Whether or not these legal hardships will continue to drag Fan Bingbing down is unknown. She could win her cases and leave it all behind her once again. However, after her 2018 tax scandal, she has struggled to get back on the horse again. It’s possible that these lawsuits could be the final nail in her coffin. 

While the multiple lawsuits must be difficult to shoulder, Bingbing seems unphased. Keeping up appearances, Bingbing is still active on social media. She posted photos of herself attending director Jia Zhangke’s art exhibition. Bingbing even posted pictures of herself with Jia and actors like Liao Fan & Song Jia. 

Will Fan Bingbing still make a comeback? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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