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After rape claims and disturbing leaked DMs, Armie Hammer separated from his wife and went to rehab. With his treatment over, will he reunite with his wife?

Armie Hammer has reportedly checked himself into a rehabilitation center outside of Orlando, Florida. Will he make an attempt to work in movies again?

Armie Hammer's role in 'The Offer' has officially been recast. Catch the latest news on who's taking over and what's in store for Hammer now.

Armie Hammer moved out of the house he shared with his ex-wife – in the middle of the night. Check the reason behind the fallen star's decision.

Armie Hammer has been under heavy controversy lately following disturbing allegations. Find out what his ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers had to say here.

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Everyone thought we’d leave 2020 drama behind, but 2021 is not playing games. Is Armie Hammer abusive? Here's what his ex-wife had to say.

Armie Hammer finally offers up an apology but not to his wife. The 'Call Me by Your Name' actor is facing a new controversy. Read about the backlash

The allegations against Armie Hammer have social media ablaze, but Bella Thorne doesn't think they're real. See her statement from Instagram.