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Demi Lovato has certainly explored many entertainment avenues in their career. But how has their history affected their net worth?

Demi Lovato has now given us a new rule when it comes to discussing extraterrestrials. Does their experience with aliens prove them right?

Demi Lovato has had a prominent career spanning way back to her days on 'Barney & Friends'. Uncover the massive net worth of this musician & actress.

Lizzo stays true to her "Cuz I Love You" lyrics as she defends Demi Lovato's preferred pronounces. Why is this moment caught on camera important?

Demi Lovato is making a comeback, and Twitter's abuzz about her new songs! Dive into the inspiration for Lovato's new album right here!

Demi Lovato releases her powerful music video for "Dancing with the Devil". Weep through everything as Lovato shares details of her overdose.

To promote her new docuseries 'Dancing with the Devil' Demi Lovato is talking about her overdose story and what led up to it.