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The entire 'Bachelor' franchise has an issue with diverse casting. While they're trying to fix it with this upcoming season, a black bachelor won't cut it.

Filmmakers have taken advantage of the natural locations and architecture in Puerto Vallarta for decades. If you have to film, why not film in paradise?

As summer stretches on, go for something homey: your ever available TV screen. Drama. Comedy. Adventure. It’s all here on Hulu this month, so get bingeing.

In a secluded paradise in Mexico, ABC's 'Bachelor in Paradise' explores new relationships. Expect drama, passion, shocking twists, and unlikely couples.

Starting August 1, there’s a buttload of content hitting Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon for you to feast those hungry eyes upon, so you can enjoy that indoor binge

Hulu’s got the flavor this month with some cool as ice documentaries, frosty films, and shivery shows to chill those brains and soothe those eyes in the fever