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The Golden Globes stagger drunkenly onto your TV set with a list of supposedly critically acclaimed shows you definitely remember Tevoing at some point.

Time to whip out that spandex, gorgeous ladies (and gents), because Netflix has renewed 'GLOW' for a third season. The cast of the show gathered to announce the

Netflix is back at it again with another eye-catching movie that’s sure to gain your attention, after making a seven figure deal for the Sundance hit White Fang.

Here are eighteen of the best songs featured in S1 & S2 of 'GLOW', what episode they featured in, and why each one is a killer tune. Be

'GLOW' launches its second season this week on Netflix. The comedy-drama, based on an actual show from the eighties, centers around the campy and kitsch world of women’s

Stunt moves are arguably the most difficult (and definitely the most dangerous) part of the movie making process. Here are the best actresses-turned-stuntwomen who have been kicking some

We’re fast approaching S2 of GLOW and we know you’re all super excited about it. In celebration of the spectacular second season – which FD has seen and

Ready yourself for an almighty groan, because this week marks the 20th anniversary of Darren Star’s iconic romcom show 'Sex and the City'. But instead of turning to

We love those long summer days. While some may jump on down to the creek to spend a delightful day splashing about with friends, many others can be