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The singer R.Kelly was the leader of a sex cult. He's spending time in prison for sex trafficking and other charges, but how did he recruit his victims?

It's surprising to learn that R. Kelly still has supporters despite his crimes. See what this man did to one of Kelly's victims in order to keep her

The R. Kelly trial may be wrapping up, but the lurid revelations keep on coming. Brace yourself for the latest details regarding the disgraced musician.

BREAKING: R. Kelly has been convicted of racketeering and eight lesser counts. Found guilty and broke, find out if his net worth can sink any lower.

R. Kelly is in the midst of the most important trial of his life. Unearth the details and find out what led the star to his most recent

'One in a Million' from the Princess of R&B is finally available to stream! As the anniversary of her death nears, revisit Aaliyah and her effortless style.

Is R Kelly actually going to be held accountable this time? Dive into the history of his alleged sexual abuse and the sex trafficking charges against him.

Fans of the Princess of R&B Aaliyah are celebrating online today. See the reasons why Twitter is in raptures over #AaliyahIsComing.

R. Kelly now has a court date. Delve into why the R&B singer is back on trial, the long history of allegations against him, and the move to