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Fans of the Princess of R&B Aaliyah are celebrating online today. See the reasons why Twitter is in raptures over #AaliyahIsComing.

Princess of R&B: Here’s why Aaliyah fans are really excited today

Aaliyah was, once, one of the biggest R&B acts in the world. In fact, you could call her the princess of the genre. She helped redefine the genres, changed the way people listened to music, and her death in 2001 just was all the more tragic for it. She had so much talent and potential, you had to wonder what she would have done next as a performer, you know? 

Now, almost 20 years after her death, the Princess of R&B will be coming to streaming services. Fans can finally stream her music on Spotify and new fans can have the opportunity to discover her talent. Let’s see how the Internet is reacting to the news of getting more Aaliyah in their lives.


Someone heard the prayers

Prayers answered!


Please, please, please

It feels like nothing is definite yet, but we’re hoping.


Keep on trending

Truly a once in a generation talent.


Positive signs that fans will get what they want

There’s a website and everything.


Plan those dance sessions

Everyone picking the song to dance to when the time comes.


The Princess is here

This is what everyone is going to talk about.


Are you ready? 



Just watch her nail this

She was truly such a talent.



Seriously! How can one person be so good?!


And they are

Aaliyah fans feel like they’re winning.

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