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Robert Pattinson's starred in amazing movies. From leftfield sex shockers to gritty wierdo crime capers, here’s our rundown of his most awesome roles.

We thought 'Hereditary' was so nice, we saw it twice (no joke) and as such, were able to pick up on the nuances of the film we missed

To celebrate Chloë Sevigny's vivacious attitude, we’ve collected a series of controversial moments she probably couldn’t care less about.

A story filled with dicks drawn on faces, foul mouths, bong rips, and showing up to work high, 'Never Goin’ Back' is Augustine Frizzell's debut.

When a slew of pizza delivery boys are slain on the job, two survivors set out to catch the culprits behind the cryptic crime spree in 'Slice'.

'Mid90s' follows a thirteen-year-old in 90s LA who spends his summer navigating between his troubled home life and a group of new skater friends.

'Never Goin’ Back' follows Angela and Jessie, who dream of escaping their waitressing jobs at a low-rent Texas diner, even if it's only to Galveston.

Starring Sofia Boutella and a cast of professional dancers, 'Climax' is Gasper Noé's most brazen and visionary statement yet.

Directed by Jared Moshe, ‘The Ballad of Lefty Brown’ is a story about loyalty, friendship, and the relentless pursuit of justice.