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The Golden Globe nominees have been announced to widespread surprise & upset. The Hollywood Foreign Press has given nods to a variety of categories while snubbing some flicks

It’s been a heavy, weird week for Hollywood. Things are getting a lil topsy-turvy, you know? We here at FD are just as astounded as you. Terry Crews

Sequel inbound? Den of Geek reports that Luc Besson’s Valerian may be due for a sequel, despite tepid box office returns. One failure can’t put this director down. Collider

Justice League, this year’s big budget tentpole superhero flick from Warner Bros. Pictures, has taken a pretty sour $96 million at the box office. It’s the lowest domestic

It’s been another bombshell of a week for the entertainment industry. Beloved thespian Kevin Spacey has been caught up in a sexual harassment scandal, leading to the cancellation of

O hai, billboard! Disaster Artist gets some O.G. advertising real estate James Franco’s upcoming (and probable) masterpiece The Disaster Artist is getting a little help in the advertising department.

We’ve had a stormy few weeks amid the ever-mounting allegations of sexual assault being levied against Harvey Weinstein – quite possibly the worst kept secret in Hollywood –

Directed by Jared Moshe, ‘The Ballad of Lefty Brown’ is a story about loyalty, friendship, and the relentless pursuit of justice.

Logline: A young woman devastated by loss falls deep into her dreamland. Verdict: Woodshock is the debut film of fashion designers Kate & Laura Mulleavy, famous for their clothing