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Olympics 2021 will surely live in the memories of millions. Let's take a moment to honor all the women who won medals in this year's sporting event!

There's a new gold medalist in town – and it's not who you think it is. Find out who just won the gold in the 2021 Olympics gymnastics

After Simone Biles decided to take a step back in the 2021 Olympics, some people had to share rude opinions. Here's why Piers Morgan's getting roasted now.

Why did the Opening Ceremony Director for the 2021 Olympics get fired? Will the show continue to go on without them? Find out all the details here.

Where will the next Olympics be? The IOC just handed down the next locations for the Olympics. See whether residents of this new host city are thrilled.

Tennis star Coco Gauff tests positive for COVID and draws out of the 2021 Olympics. See the internet's thoughts on cancelling the games.

Much of the world is coming to the defense of Sha'Carri Richardson, who was DQ'd from the 2021 Olympics for failing a drug test. Here's why she should

Tennis pro Naomi Osaka announces she'll return to the sport for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Learn everything you need to know about her decision.

No Nadal? This is sad news for the sport of Tennis. Why did Rafael Nadal pull out of the Olympics and Wimbledon? Let's ask the man himself.