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Tennis star Coco Gauff tests positive for COVID and draws out of the 2021 Olympics. See the internet's thoughts on cancelling the games.

Tennis tantrum: Why is Coco Gauff missing the 2021 Olympics?

Welp, the Olympics, despite everyone’s better judgement except the Olympic Committee, is happening. Now, we’re seeing the consequences of that hubris. Three Olympic athletes have tested positive for COVID-19 in a country where they’re still trying to get the pandemic under control. The latest of which is tennis star Coco Gauff, who is withdrawing due to the positive test results.

In addition to the three athletes who have tested positive, at least 50+ other people connected to the games have also tested positive. Needless to say the 2021 Olympics are as bad of an idea as everyone thought that they were going to be. Naturally, these reports have the internet in a tizzy. Hopefully, this renewed effort could see a pause button on the 2021 Olympics.


Who will be next after Coco? 

People are currently wishing the athletes a speedy recovery.



And the athletes have to sleep on this “anti-sex” beds.


This can put others at serious risk

Maybe just cancel them. People’s health is on the line now.


It’s honestly ridiculous

Seriously, just defer everything. People will understand this point!


Don’t let more people get ill

No one wants to watch people get sick. 


This isn’t hindsight or foresight, but sight sight

Everyone can see a disaster incoming.


The number will get higher

How many athletes have to test positive for a country to bow out of the games? The US has two so far.


Safety first, games second

Most of these tweets show that many want to see the games cancelled.


More people are positive for COVID

It’s just going to get higher.


Please be cautious

We’re hoping that everyone at the games are staying safe.

Do you think that the 2021 Olympics should be cancelled? Let us know in the comments below.

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