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The 2020 Olympics didn't go the way anyone expected, especially since they were delayed by a year. Find out the biggest surprises from the games.

Unexpected Turn of Events at the Olympics 2020

Every 4 years, the world organizes its most awaited sports event. This time, The Olympics 2020 started its activities last July 23, 2021.

Things were done a little differently from the past. From the traditional opening rites to the games’ flow, major changes are obvious. This is due to the alarming COVID-19, which initially spread in early 2020.

Still, the sports fans, athletes and hosts are keeping the events up and running. In the next sections, we’re going to talk about some of the most unexpected turns of events at the Olympics 2020. You can expect both highs and lows.

Olympics 2020 in 2021

The first on our list is probably the most unexpected change. Unlike the regular timeline, Olympics 2020 happened after five years. Initially, the organizers cancelled it in 2020. This is because of the then ongoing surge of COVID-19.

It was until recently that the Olympics 2020 finally made its move. This made it the “Olympics 2020 in 2021”. Currently, its schedule is from late July to early August. It totals 16 days. This is just one day shorter than that of the Olympics in 2016.

Surely, this timeline can be a little confusing in future history records. The good thing, though, is that it managed to continue amidst the issues, and there was still adequate coverage, even on sports betting sites like Vulkanbet.

Regular Game Flow Despite Opposition

On the other side of the coin, you may be surprised by the Olympics’ regular game flow. Japan had, and still has, an alarming number in opposition. Because of COVID-19, many still do not agree with opening their borders. Let’s add to the fact that they need to welcome thousands of athletes.

Let’s take a look at the main issue at hand. Sports fans from all around the world are excited to support their athletes. However, the people from the host country itself are wary about the whole event.

Though their concern is completely valid, the organizers still decided otherwise. This is the second unexpected event within the Olympics. Hence, the regular flow of games. Many believe that this is because of the large sum of funds that the country will lose.

Highest COVID-19 Record of Japan

On the fifth day of the Olympics 2020, Japan reached a new record of COVID-19 cases. Despite the strict safety guidelines, many athletes were tested positive for the virus. They were quick with the response though. Quarantine centres were also made accessible.

So far, their highest count totalled 2,848. There is no clear line connecting this to the athletes. Still, this caused a great amount of stress and dismay to the citizens. This supports the main reason for the opposition.

The “Absent” Crowd

The most noticeable change in Olympics 2020 is the “absent” crowd. Unlike in the past, only the athletes’ shouts filled the courts. They, along with the reactions of their guardians and coaches, are present. You won’t hear loud cheers from the audience. There are no claps or standing ovations. Even interactions from the courts were almost nowhere. In the previous Olympics games, these were what made a set fun. Again, this is to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Still, this is surely one of the things that you will miss while watching.

USA’s First Gold Medal in Women’s Taekwondo

For some good news, the USA finally got its first gold medal in women’s taekwondo. This is literally their first-ever gold award in the field. What made this even more historic is that the win is from Anastasija Zolotic. She is an 18-year old athlete. She scored a total of 25 points. This is a big step ahead of Russia’s 17-pointer, Tatiana Minina.

Philippines’ First Gold Medal in Women’s Weightlifting

On another note, the Philippines also bagged its first gold medal in women’s weightlifting. In particular, this is in the 55kg category. Hidilyn Diaz, the winner, managed to lift a combined weight of 493.8lbs. Not only is this a historic moment for the country, but also in the Olympics itself. This is actually a new record for the weightlifting competition in the Olympics.

End of USA’s Win Streak in Men’s Basketball

Now, let us move on to the men’s basketball. If your first guess for the winner is the USA, then you may have to think again. France managed to break the former’s 25th win streak record in the sport. The ending score totalled 83-76. This is heartbreaking for the USA, as their last losing record was 17 years ago to Athens. On the flip side, this is a great achievement for France.

Though we are in a different Olympics era, expect that this will always be a fun time. We are pretty sure that more things will surprise us in and out of the field. Look forward as your country can get its first gold medal and/or make history.

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