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We’ve been astounded by how much streaming has taken over in the last year. Check out this selection of the wildest statistics from 2018.

Similar to numerous shows before it, 'Insatiable' has angered audiences for its insensitive take on its controversial subject matter that many have argued contains regressive, anti-feminist messages.

Good news, folks – Netflix has renewed 'The End of the F***ing World' for a second season. While we wait, here are ten of the best oddball coming-of-age

To help you navigate your bingewatching escapades as assuredly and confidently as possible, here’s our guide to all the Netflix Originals teen TV shows and movies you’ll want

This Sunday marked the annual Teen Choice Awards – where young people go to celebrate all that is pop culture while surfboards are handed out to the best

Following a successful first season, Starz has announced the renewal of its hit dramedy Vida. The second season will see an expanded episode count, as well as an

Today, young adult shows are stepping a little closer to the realities of what it’s like to be young with shows that are far more realistic than their

We’re here to look at some of the best surprise shows from the streaming giants that didn’t need A-list names for audiences to fall in love with them.

From 'Making a Murderer' to '13 Reasons Why', here’s our ranking of the ten most surprisingly popular Netflix Originals shows ever made.