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We’re beginning to think YouTuber and apparently now boxing sensation Jake Paul might’ve bitten off more than he can chew. Has he found a new rival?

Jake Paul may have a new boxing rival: See who wants to fight him

We’re beginning to think YouTuber and apparently now boxing sensation Jake Paul might’ve bitten off more than he can chew. 

After defeating former NBA star Nate Robinson in the undercard to the much-anticipated Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. boxing match last month in Los Angeles, it appears Jake Paul is ready to challenge just about anyone, even UFC icon Connor McGregor. 

Whether that fight ever happens or not, it appears the UFC may have another option for Jake Paul, and it’s one that we challenge him to accept. 

Jake Paul in boxing 

To date, twenty-three-year-old Jake Paul has won two matches inside of the boxing ring. The first came earlier this year in January, when he defeated another YouTube celebrity, AnEsonGib (or Gib), while the second came only a few weeks ago against former NBA star & multiple Slam Dunk Contest winner, Nate Robinson, who Paul famously knocked out early in the match in a meme that will live on for years to come

Jake Paul, as well as his older brother Logan Paul, draw in what President Trump would call “UGE numbers” in audience ratings, having more than 20 million subscribers on YouTube that seem to carry over to the boxing viewership. 

Jake Paul, who does take the sport seriously, seems to still be feeling himself after knocking out first-time boxer Robinson. Now, Paul had announced via YouTube who he wants to step toe-to-toe with next. 

Potential Paul vs. McGregor

Conor McGregor, a thirty-two-year old on and off again retired UFC fighter has seen his fair share of public controversies, much like Jake Paul.

Conor McGregor only has stepped foot inside of the boxing ring once, and that was against the 50-0 Floyd Mayweather, a fight that over 50 million people tuned in to see in 2017. 

McGregor, who like Jake Paul has a knack for the theatrics, was called out by the YouTuber in an insulting video that was clearly made to provoke McGregor and the UFC, as Paul preceded to call him an “Irish c^#t” while draping himself in the Ireland flag, even offering the Irishman $50 million to say “yes”. 

Whether McGregor accepts this fight or not is up in the air. 

However, the recent announcement that Jake Paul’s older brother Logan would be fighting the forty-three-year-old Mayweather in February might work in Paul’s favor, as it could even more so increase a possible payday for McGregor and entice him to accept. 

We shall wait and see. 

Possibly a new rival?

UFC President Dana White seemed to be sick of Jake Paul’s antics, as the YouTuber recently called out both McGregor & White for not accepting the offer, calling them both “scared” and saying things such as “sign the f&%^$*g contract, you idiots!” 

When it was addressed in a press conference, White said he was “thinking of letting Amanda Nunes knock [Jake Paul’s] ass out.” 

Nunes, a thirty-two-year-old Brazilian powerhouse seemed to agree, reacting on Twitter with a photo of Jake Paul as she posted the sentence, “I’m in!” 

Would Jake Paul REALLY want to take on the women’s bantamweight & featherweight champion? 

How would this play out? 

It doesn’t look like the oddsmakers have a lot of confidence in Jake Paul if this fight were to take place, as Nunes is not only one of the greatest fighters on the planet most likely the undisputed best female fighter but she’s also trained in boxing, too, which is something that was new to Conor Mcgregor before his fight with Mayweather. 

Robinson, who was completely green as it pertained to the sport, is not quite on the same level as a UFC fighter stepping into boxing, let alone Amanda Nunes, who would pose a major threat to both Jake Paul’s public image & teeth. 

While it’s likely Jake Paul is scavenging for a top name opponent for the sake of increasing the bottom line of his next fight, he better start reconsidering who exactly he’s trying to rile up. 

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