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Logan and Jake Paul are the brothers who have mastered YouTube, but rumor has it we'll see them fighting on Wrestlemania. Here's all you need to know.

Everyone's aware of Logan Paul's debt issue with Floyd Mayweather. But, what is Mayweather's net worth and why isn't he paying up? Find out all the details.

Logan Paul and Bryce Hall, two names that make us crave some mouthwash as well as a Bible. Who has the highest net worth?

Is there a new Twitter "fight of the decade" brewing? Find out what Jake Paul's ex-girlfriend Tana Mongeau is saying about him online.

Is Mads Lewis going to be the next social media influencer stepping into the ring? Get ready to rumble, and read about the ladies of TikTok's boxing goals.

Twitter seems to be up in arms regarding Chipotle and its rising prices. But is it the employees' fault? Let's see the best reactions.

Who won the Logan Paul fight? It doesn't matter because Jake Paul was the most annoying thing about it. Read on to see his fighting words.

What's the status of the big fight tonight? Will Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather go head to head? Catch the latest updates on the match here!

Why do Logan and Jake Paul fight? The Paul brothers recently revealed why they decided to step into the ring. Check out who they're fighting next!