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Florida Man is truly as exotic as unicorns and Bigfoot, except he's real and usually from Jacksonville. Take our quiz and see if you can match the headline.

Take our quiz now and find out just how well you know Florida Man

With quarantine still looming over us, people have started looking back to when we were running free. The Florida Man is one meme that has survived isolation. Bringing simpler (much simpler) times to a rather complicated time. Over the years, Florida has been the center of some hilarious mugshots and equally entertaining headlines.

With social distancing and isolation keeping everyone indoors . . . the lack of Florida Man is really being felt. With that being said, we want to go through our favorite Florida Man/Woman memes and test our knowledge while doing so.

Have you been reading the headlines? Test your knowledge of the Florida Man with our quiz. Don’t forget to tweet us your score @FilmDailyNews.

Read the headline and ace our Florida Man meme quiz!

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