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Remember when Zac Efron was just that kid from the 'High School Musical' movies? Want more from the heartthrob? Watch these movies on Netflix now.

Get a taste of Zac Efron’s best work with these movies on Netflix

Remember when Zac Efron was just that kid from the High School Musical movies? Boy, have we all come a long way from that – Efron included. These days, the guy’s a bonafide actor, as likely to be found in a romantic comedy, as he is to be found in a serious drama and every other genre in between. If you have a Netflix account, you’re bound to find Zac Efron there too.

Now, you know how it is with Netflix. Their catalog is a constant revolving door of titles (except for the perennial Netflix originals), so you might find five Zac Efron movies there one day, and they’ll all be gone a month later. Luckily, thanks to the actor’s diverse output, odds are there’ll always be something featuring Zac Efron streaming on Netflix.

So what Zac Efron movies are on Netflix right now? Let’s take a look!

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile

This is the one Zac Efron title you can absolutely count to always be on Netflix. The streaming platform acquired this Ted Bundy biopic after its 2019 Sundance premiere, releasing it in May that year. While critics were mixed on the film overall, Efron’s performance was almost unanimously celebrated.

There’s something to be said for how Zack Efron tackles the role of infamous serial killer Ted Bundy. Wisely, neither the actor nor the filmmakers try to make Bundy a sympathetic character. Instead, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile paint Bundy as a charismatic enigma – arguably a much more difficult task for any performer. Efron is up to it, however, and his Bundy remains a high point in his career.

The Lorax

Zac Efron & Dr. Seuss? Why not? The animated adaptation of Dr. Seuss’s beloved pro-environment tale features an all-star voice cast, and Zac Efron fits right in. Check this out: Danny DeVito as the titular guardian of the forest, Ed Helms as the disgraced Once-ler, and Taylor Swift as Audrey, a film-only love interest for our protagonist, Efron’s Ted Wiggins.

As evidenced by Swift’s character, the movie adaptation of The Lorax expanded on the book’s original story. Other additions to Dr. Seuss’s cast of characters included Rob Riggle as a greedy new villain, Jenny Slate as Ted’s mom, and Betty White as Ted’s grandmother. Don’t even try to tell us you aren’t already smiling. Overall, The Lorax makes for a welcome addition to Dr. Seuss adaptations – and Zac Efron vehicles.

The Disaster Artist

Speaking of Zac Efron vehicles, not every movie he’s part of needs to have him as a headliner. Efron’s role in The Disaster Artist is relatively small, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t incredibly effective. In fact, some of the fun of watching this Tommy Wiseau sort-of biopic is in recognizing popular actors who pop in to contribute by playing small supporting characters.

Zac Efron plays Dan Janjigian, one of the actors in the movie-within-the-movie that’s being produced in The Disaster Artist. If you’ve seen The Room – the film whose production inspired The Disaster Artist – you can certainly appreciate Efron’s performance as a clueless actor in a nonsensical endeavor. But even if you haven’t seen Tommy Wiseau’s original cult classic, you’ll still enjoy the gusto Efron brings to the part.

Down to Earth, with Zac Efron

So maybe you watch all three of our selections and you’re still itching for more Zac Efron on Netflix. Well, in addition to the movies we already listed, there’s one more project on the streaming platform that might pique your interest. Down to Earth is a documentary series that follows the one and only Zac Efron as he travels around the world, waxing poetic about life, nature, green energy, and sustainable living practices.

The first season of Down to Earth debuted on Netflix in 2020, and the show did well enough that a second season is planned for 2022 – this time focusing exclusively on Australia. Zac Efron down under? Sign us up!

Have you seen any of these Zac Efron projects on Netflix? Do you have a favorite Zac Efron movie you wish was on the streaming platform’s catalog? Let us know in the comments!

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