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Peek behind the gloss of Zac Efron 2023's chiseled charisma and discover the disappointing reality of Hollywood's golden boy. Is he fool's gold or a diamond in the

Will Zac Efron's Iron Claw encounter ruin his admired jawline for good, or is this just Hollywood hysteria? Uncover the juicy gossip and decide for yourself.

Efron's journey to stardom began early, and his net worth reflects the success he has achieved. Is Zac Efron’s net worth being destroyed by indie flicks?

Here are all the stars who appear to have gotten nose jobs to adhere to celebrity culture.

Everyone knows Ted Bundy was a serial killer, murderer of more than thirty-seven women, children included. But did he ever have a child or a family? 

Learn how serial killer Ted Bundy was able to get married and have a kid all while being imprisoned for his murders. Where is his daughter now?

Happy birthday to the handsome and talented Zac Efron! Take a moment (or longer) to admire these shirtless pics of the actor from 'Baywatch' and more.

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'She's the Man'? More like, she's the star! From 'Big Fat Liar' to 'Easy A', let's reminisce on some of our favorite movies with Amanda Bynes.