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Can you believe it's been ten years since 'The Lorax' was adapted into a movie? Celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday by laughing with these Lorax memes!

Remember ‘The Lorax’ movie? It’s full of memes – here are the best ones

Ten years ago, Illumination Entertainment celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday by releasing a movie adaptation of The Lorax. If you’re a Seuss fan, you know the titular character: a mustached creature that’s all about defending the trees and protecting the environment. How could the movie not be a success, especially when they cast Danny DeVito as The Lorax?

Well, The Lorax movie was indeed a box office hit and it’s achieved immortality not only in home video & streaming services, but also in the form of memes. You may be too busy to watch The Lorax today, but how about raising a glass to Dr. Seuss by checking out the best memes inspired by the movie?

Sensitive fandom

It’s quite possible you’ll find yourself a little lost among these memes if you haven’t seen The Lorax movie. It’s okay to ask for clarification, just don’t become a hater right away.

Lorax grid

Fun fact: the Once-ler was played by Ed Helms in The Lorax movie. Yeah, Andy Bernard, from The Office! What kind of name is Once-ler anyway? A Dr. Seuss name, that’s what kind.


The Lorax takes his job seriously. He must be a lot of fun at parties.

Uh . . .

This modern interpretation of The Lorax has probably obliterated the chances of a remake ever taking place.


Hey, we get it. Making movies is expensive, and sometimes you have to make compromises in order to get your environmental message across.


What did we say about hating? Now you’ve made O’Hare mad! By the way, you know who voiced O’Hare in The Lorax movie? Rob Riggle! Trust us, you know who he is.


Speaking of high profile casting choices, Taylor Swift is also in The Lorax movie. But any Swifties who were hoping to hear her sing a Dr. Seuss rhyme went home disappointed.


Who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory? Although this one’s easy to explain: Illumination Entertainment is also the studio behind Despicable Me.


Did you cry during The Lorax movie? We didn’t, but we would never judge. To each their own tearjerker!


We understand that The Lorax can be a lot, but he’s just trying to help. No need to be so cranky, trees.

Missed opportunity

As successful as The Lorax movie was, they kind of missed the boat by not making it live action and casting Wilford Brimley as the lead.

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