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Lizzo made the decision to go on a juice cleanse for her health. Why do haters think they have a right to complain?

Getting that “Juice”: See Lizzo clap back at haters about her juice cleanse

Social media and its toxic ways have focused its attention on a new target, thirty-two year old Grammy-winner Lizzo.

On December 14th, the “Truth Hurts” singer posted a video of her blending & drinking a green juice to her TikTok & Instagram pages, along with a collection of other posts where she took detox supplements, drank water, and ate other healthy foods.

How she? 

Lizzo, who’s typically known for her plus size body confidence, seemed to be taking a new approach to living a healthier lifestyle. The singer, always exhibiting her bold voice on & off stage, has said many times before that she’s “proud” of her choices, telling internet trolls to “Look at your own f&%$ing self and worry about your own godd*@n body.”

Lizzo has posted videos on her social media in the past of her workout routines, possibly as a way to show fans it’s okay to embrace your heavier size and work towards a healthy lifestyle.

However, Lizzo’s showing how she might just be ready for a bigger change, and by bigger, we really mean smaller.

Lizzo hits the juice

Lizzo appears to be on one of the newer health trends of these last few years, as we see her blending a green juice / smoothie incorporating many different vegetables & fruits that boosts daily vitamins & overall nutrition.

A more liquid heavy diet is nothing new, as many different variations of a smoothie diet have existed in the past. Most popular was the lemonade diet, or “master cleanse”, made famous by Beyoncé. The diet, for the most part, involved solely drinking a batch of lemonade a day, made up of water, lemon juice, syrup, and cayenne pepper.

Well, that sounds dangerous. 

Luckily, Lizzo doesn’t appear to be taking that drastic of an approach to her cleanse, she’s simply finding a way to include more nutrients & vitamins in her day-to-day while sacrificing some of the junkier food out there.



Anyone living in today’s “cancel culture” won’t be surprised to hear many were, triggered by the singer’s apparent attempt at a healthier lifestyle.

Posting an exercise routine or a juicing routine on social media can be a great way to garner positive support from friends & family, find personal motivation, and inspire others to exercise.

Unfortunately for Lizzo, trolls, of course, found a way to put a negative spin on the singer’s post, with one Twitter user going so far as to say the following:

“My heart hurts with all my fat peers today, even though she won’t say it and will probably try to excuse it, I’m sorry that @Lizzo did that to us. We are worthy and what she posted was so f^$%ed. If you are triggered and upset by it I’m right there with you.”

Others on social media went on to claim Lizzo had surrendered to the industry’s “toxic diet culture”, while many users simply asked the singer the question, “Why, Lizzo? Why?’”

Get over it

Lizzo, like any normal human, was hurt by those criticizing the singer’s healthy choices. She posted a video on her social media in an attempt to explain to her fans the reason behind her posts, saying the following:

“As you know, I would normally be so afraid and ashamed to post things like this online because I feel like, as a big girl, people just expect that if you are doing something for health, you’re doing it for dramatic weight loss, and that is not the case.”

Lizzo went on to explain she’s had a rough holiday season thus far, noting how heavy alcohol intake and spicy food took a toll on her body this Thanksgiving season. Implementing cleansing juice to her diet seems to be Lizzo’way to reverse her tough last couple of weeks, and we hope she’s able to tune out the internet trolls and do what’s best for her overall health.

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