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Did a UFO spaceship crash land in the ocean near Greenland? Alien-hunters are saying that a real UFO spaceship is frozen inside a glacier.

Is there a real UFO crash landing in Greenland? Some say “yes”

There’s as few different kinds of UFO sightings. There are the blurry photos & accounts with very few details that leave you wondering if maybe there’s a more Earth-bound explanation, then there’s odd videos & detailed accounts that make you wonder if aliens have visited Earth, and then there are the ones that give alien hunters a bad name.

We have our own opinions about which category this sighting lands in, but we’ll throw you a bone and tell you we don’t think it’s particularly goosebump-inducing, though perhaps it’s a little amusing.

This UFO sighting wasn’t made in person – it was a Google Maps discovery. The person who spotted the “real” UFO was Scott C Waring – which, by the way we’d like to mention isn’t even an accurate use of the initialism UFO. This object, while perhaps unidentified, is most definitely not flying.

Waring is known for looking for possible extraterrestrials, though he’s also known for looking in places other than our sky. He’s the same person who circled rock formations in images of Mars from NASA, and then claimed they were the faces of aliens. (If they were, then these Martians would be giants. Giants that never move no less . . .)

So what did Waring find recently? While poking through Google Maps Waring discovered what he believes is a real crash landed spaceship in the icy waters of Greenland.

Waring states he believes this image very clearly shows the cockpit of a spaceship still somewhat buried in ice. “It’s possible this UFO crashed to Earth millions of years [ago] and got buried beneath a glacier that melted little by little, dropping fragments of itself into the ocean.”

Odds are Waring is on the right track – a glacier likely has been melting little by little and dropping fragments. The object in question more than likely is a hunk of glacier. It just seems very unlikely to have an extraterrestrial prize embedded within it.

The shadowing of the image combined with the far away nature of the satellite photo appear to have made an illusion of sorts. If you wanted to believe this was a real “UFO” (again we use the phrase in this incorrect nature begrudgingly), and squint just right, it kind of does look like a spaceship you might find in a sci-fi show.

According to Waring himself, the craft should be approximately sixty-eight meters (or about 223 feet), he came to this conclusion using the ruler guide on Google Maps. We think somebody would have noticed a crash landed spaceship of that size in person by now.

Waring claims, “The black line across the cockpit area is very obvious and shows us that this really is a craft, not a coincidence.” He then says he wishes Elon Musk would go retrieve the craft so humanity can colonize Mars and other planets sooner.

Alas, this appears to be yet another case of pareidolia – the act of finding patterns where there are none.

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