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Florida man captured a mysterious shape in the sky the size of the moon. Is this a promising UFO sighting?

Scientists claim that aliens are technically real. If so, why haven’t we been able to contact them?

Calling all alien hunters! NASA is spreading news that they're taking in alien hunter recruits. Here’s how you can bring your brilliance to NASA.

Want to see the next NASA rocket launch? It turns out most of the U.S. east coast may have the opportunity tonight.

Several conspiracy theorists have made previous claims that aliens live on the Moon. Could this crazy conspiracy actually be real?

2020 has been a real bummer. NASA would like to rectify the injustice of excluding women. Here's the latest news.

NASA sent the first crew into Earth’s orbit as part of its Gemini 3 first space mission in 1965. Did they discover UFOs?

Asteroids from Outer Space! NASA did discover two asteroids on a near-Earth approach last week in the latest news. Here's what we know.

Scientists think that Saturn's moon Enceladus is a likely candidate for hosting alien life. Fresh ice found on the surface unveils the latest discovery.