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What’s the age of the oldest space traveler? William Shatner is on the adventure of a lifetime. Join us as we further explore this great time in history!

What’s William Shatner’s age when he finally flies into space?

Actor William Shatner of Star Trek fame will go down in history as the oldest person to have flown in space. Certainly, we always knew one day we’d graduate from being prisoners filled with helpless curiosity on Earth and travel to those stars we see every night. People once thought they’d see God. Instead they’re seeing countless other worlds (some of which we may even live on one day). 

In the distant future 一 maybe they’ll be sitting down somewhere in Earth or it’ll be elsewhere 一 but one day, a descendent of ours will be thinking about the very first people to travel in outer space, thinking what it must’ve been like to be those people. The actor who we know as Capt. James T. Kirk in the iconic 1960s television series Star Trek will finally cross the final frontier, albeit shortly. 

Yes, William Shatner is the oldest person flying into space, boarding the rocket of tech billionaire Jeff Bezos on October 12, 2021. In a press release, Shatner stated, “I’ve heard about space for a long time now. I’m taking the opportunity to see it for myself. What a miracle.” Naturally, folks would like to know the age of this man!

William Shatner

William Shatner is known as an author, director, actor, and singer best known for his roles Star Trek and Boston Legal. Born in 1931, William began his career as a child performer in radio programs for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. As a student in McGill University, he continued acting which took him to such places as productions at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Ontario.

Shatner made his Broadway debut in Tamburlaine the Great, which was directed by Guthrie. He could also be seen in the emerging medium of television, popping up on shows like Goodyear Television Playhouse, Playhouse 90, and Studio One. As one of the title characters, Shatner made his film debut in the 1958 production The Brothers Karamazov with Yul Brynner.

In 1958, he returned to Broadway for a two-year run in The Secret Life of Suzie Wong. William Shatner took home the 1959 Theatre World Award for his performance. A little later, he had a small part in the Holocuast drama Judgment at Nuremberg, where he played an army captain. Others may remember Shatner in The Intruder and For the People but of course, we think of Star Trek when hearing his name. 

William Shatner was Captain James T. Kirk. He commanded the U.S.S Enterprise starship said to travel through space in the twenty-third century. He came across all sorts of unusual aliens and things greater than obstacles during his journeys. He had his loyal crew, the first officer Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy), medical officer Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy (DeForest Kelley).

The infamous science fiction show was created by Gene Roddenberry and debuted on September 8, 1966 and lasted for three seasons. 

Outer space

William Shatner is a part of a four member crew including Planet Labs co-founder Chris Boshuizen, Medidata co-founder Glen de Vries and Blue Origin executive Audrey Powers who’s a former engineer and flight controller for NASA. Powers is overseeing the flight operations for the New Shephard rocket, blasting off in Texas. 

The space travel company launched their first humans into space back in July, with Bezos on board. Currently, Shatner is being congratulated by several other public figures on Twitter. He would like the public to know, “It’s never never too late to experience new things.” (Perhaps now, we’re re-thinking our bucket list?) What’s the age of the oldest space traveler? William Shatner is ninety years old!

Do you see yourself traveling in space one day? Share your imaginations in the comments below!

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