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There's some heated criticism running around on the internet, but is it necessary? Learn why Kamala Harris hired kids for her NASA video!

Why did Kamala Harris hire kids for this cringey NASA video?

We think it’s safe to say we’ve all imagined ourselves in outer space as children 一 jumping from the moon, then from star to star, even planet to planet. It’s the adventure of a lifetime! (We’ll talk about it some other time.) 

The children in the NASA space video with vice-president Kamala Harris are actors. The clip was produced by Canada-based Sinking Ship Entertainment, and the kids had to audition for their parts despite being presented as “normal.” Harris participated in a YouTube video for World Space day which was released on Thursday. 

Filmed in August, the video was published through Twitter to celebrate World Space Week. The vice president sat down with the kids in the video, gushing out, “You’re gonna literally see the craters on the moon with your own eyes!” The tweens who took part in the little show were later revealed to be child actors then Harris began facing criticism for not casting kids who are passionate about space. 

Kamala Harris chairs the National Space Council but has faced criticism for appearing to lack the needed in-depth knowledge on space exploration. Some feel it’s worthy to mention that the Taliban was quickly advancing through Afghanistan and closing in on Kabul.

World Space Week

We witnessed smiling school-aged children taking part in a NASA YouTube video talking about space exploration with the vice president Kamala Harris but they’ve all been revealed to be child actors. It’s known as Get Curious with Vice President Harris’. The controversy stems from the fact that all of the kids appeared to be the normal everyday we children we see who are far, far away from Hollywood. 

But they were really paid child actors who auditioned for their roles by sending in a monologue and three questions they would ask a world leader if given the chance. Critics are showing no mercy on the video, with the “mockery” compounded by the realization that it was produced by a Canadian film company. 

Thirteen year old Trevor Bernardino told KSBW that he was shocked when he received the news he would be traveling to Washington, DC to take part in the video. “Then after that, like a week later my agent called me and was like ‘Hey Trevor you booked it.’ Trevor was one of five teens featured in the video for the YouTube original series. 

NASA video

Other child actors included Emily Kim, Derrick Brooks II and Zhoriel Tapo who’s also an aspiring journalist who has interviewed former First Lady Michelle Obama, and Sydney Schmooke. While the Tablian were quickly advancing through Afghanistan and closing in on Kabul during the chaotic U.S. withdrawal, the video was filmed at the Naval Observatory and Kamala’s residence, from August 11 to 13. 

In addition to what’s largely being viewed as misleading viewers, Kamala Harris is facing criticism for her wide-eyed exclamations about the wonders of space in the video. “I just love the idea of exploring the unknown,” said the vice president gushing dramatically to the five kid actors in the Naval Observatory.

Conservative commentators Tucker Carlson and Candace Owens talked about the video, calling it “fake” and “fraudulent”. Carlson said on Fox, “For humanitarian reasons we are not going to play that video, but it’s online.” He added, “If you dare, look it up, watch it. Watch it again, watch your own soul die as you do.” He even added that it’s “faker than it looks”. 

Both commentators showed their disgust for Harris hiring the kid actors instead of “normal children”. 


A YouTube spokesperson provided in a statement that it was the company who selected the kid actors and not in fact the vice president. The statement read:

“The casting process for this show was no different from typical unscripted kid shows across other networks and streaming platforms. YouTube selected the kids that were featured. We reached out via not-for-profit organizations, social media and traditional casting websites, looking for kids who were interested in contributing positively to their communities.”

What do you think of this matter? Was Kamala Harris (or YouTube) wrong for employing kids who were already actors in the video? Or do people just want something to complain about? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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