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Here’s where to read all the UFO documents released by the CIA

UFO believers rejoice! While 2020 marked a surprising attitude change from the government on the subject of unidentified flying objects, there’s still a lot of questions to be answered. 2021 may or may not be the year this happens, but we’ve already been granted access to a massive dump of declassified documents.

And, no, this isn’t the report that’s expected later this year thanks to a sneaky little addition to the bill that also granted $600 stimulus checks.

This specific UFO dump is thanks to the hard work of a man named John Greenwald. Greenwald began requesting information from the government under the Freedom of Information Act at the age of fifteen. He runs a website called The Black Vault where he publishes all of these legally obtained & declassified documents for everyone to read.

About John Greenwald’s endeavor

In total Greenwald has made approximately 10,000 FOIA requests and published 2.2 million pages worth of information ranging from military & science topics to more “fringe” subjects like UFOs and the supernatural.

Greenwald’s site also hosts different chat forums for people to discuss the various topics and documents on the site. He also hosts a podcast where he discusses related topics and even interviews people of particular interest. For example, Luis Elizondo, a man well known in the UFO hunting community.

The UFO stuff

Since the 1990s John Greenwald has been asking for certain UFO-related documents, but had been coming up dry. However, Greenwald has finally been given a CD-ROM (yes, really) filled with the scanned documents he’d been requesting now that they’re no longer classified.

The entire collection of newly released UFO documents is a total of 2,780 pages. The documents reach far back – all the way to the 1950s. From two page memos to lengthier reports there’s a lot of material to sift through.

If you’re getting ready to sit down and release your inner Fox Mulder, beware that a lot of these photocopied documents turned PDF are pretty hard to make out. Some files have handwritten letters that are hard to make out and others are just poor quality making deciphering typed words just as difficult.

Finding the good stuff

With more than two million pages of U.S. government documents, it may take you a bit of time to land on the page with the newly published UFO content. If you want to avoid getting sidetracked by other interesting topics such as cloning then here’s how to find the right back on The Black Vault.

The home page will greet you with three yellow buttons, choose the “Declassified Documents” option. Then on the menu hover over “FOIA Document Archive”. This will show you a dropdown menu that will likely make you want to check out a few other topics later (we have to admit we got sidetracked ourselves).

From there hover over “The Fringe” and click on “UFO Phenomena”. At the top, you’ll see a listing published on January 7, 2020, titled “UFOs: The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Collection”. Click it because that’s what you’re looking for. There’s a couple of download options (plus every document has been separated out if you don’t want everything), but we recommend a Zip file with searchable PDF conversions. It has every single document.

Other interesting “fringe” docs

If you’re curious about the types of documents that got us sidetracked, allow us to tell you about some of the other interesting topics under “The Fringe” heading.

For starters, we got more than a little excited seeing the phrase Stargate Project. No, seriously, there was a real CIA project called Stargate, just like the TV show. It was an umbrella code name for a number of different projects that ran from the 1970s to 1995. Peruse through the fifteen different projects at your leisure.

The site also has two different listings from 2015 on the subject of human cloning. Or if you’re really wanting to get into some nitty-gritty conspiracy you can delve into the category called “The New World Order”.

So what do you think? Are you excited to get your hands on these documents? If you already have which one has piqued your interest the most so far? Let us know in the comments down below!

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