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Could someone you know be a serial killer? We’ve found some of the most horrific serial killers never caught in America!

Unknown Subject: Discover the horrific serial killers never caught in America

What is there to make out of serial killer stories? Do they merely remind us of the dark side of the human race? Or are they cautionary tales about treating children right? Are they pieces of informative entertainment?

According to a 2005 study in the Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, twenty-six percent of serial killers experienced childhood abuse. Thirty-six percent endured physical abuse while fifty percent had been psychologically abused. 

It goes without saying that we all need people in our lives who care about us, and not having those people can make all the difference. But the data didn’t say all serial killers endured trauma when they were young. Perhaps, some people just enjoy bringing bloodshed. 

Through the knowledge, fear, and even hints of entertainment they inflict on us, we seem to go about our day-to-day lives just fine, despite knowing we could be crime victims. Maybe, it’s because we think that most serial killers are caught. According to the ABAJournal, “. . . about 40% of the time, murders get away with murder.”

Thankfully, the vast majority of us will only come across a murderer on a true crime show or book. But how much do you really know about your neighbors? Heck, do you really know your friends and family? Each and every one of us is a vivid, complex character. With that being said, could someone you know be a serial killer? We’ve found some of the most horrific serial killers never caught in America!

The Babysitter

The Babysitter is also known as The Oakland County Child Killer. Between 1976 and ‘77 in Oakland, Michigan, this unidentified serial killer murdered at least four children. The killer’s nickname came from the fact that each child was bathed before their murder. It led investigators to believe that this killer had some horrific parental instinct. 

Exactly, how disturbed was this person? And why were children their only target?

Servant Girl Annihilator

As one of America’s oldest serial killers, the Servant Girl Annihilator crept Austin, Texas from December 1884 to December 1885 leaving eight known victims, most of whom were servants. All the victims were attacked, sleeping in their beds. Women were dragged outside to be killed. 

These murders gave rise to a heap of fear and paranoia throughout Texas, came the publishing of a New York Times article. It reported that over four hundred men were arrested by police over the year. 

A man named Nathan Elgin was the main suspect. He was shot and killed by police shortly after for assaulting a woman with a knife. 

The West Mesa Bone Collector

One February day in 2009, a woman was out walking her dog. She probably thought nothing of that day. Then she found what she believed to be human bones on a mesa near Albuquerque, New Mexico. Police investigated and to their surprise and perhaps fear, they discovered a total of eleven women remain along the same stretch of land. 

These women ranged from fifteen to thirty-two years old and were all involved in the sex trade. One of them was pregnant but most were Hispanic. Investigators have gathered two main suspects but one of them is dead. 

Axeman of New Orleans

American Horror Story fans reminiscent of season 3’s Coven surely remember the axeman of New Orleans. By August 1918, New Orleans was overwhelmed with fear. In the middle of the night, this man would break into a series of Italian groceries. He’d viciously attack the grocers and their families. Some were wounded but four were killed. 

One person had his skull fractured with his own axe. His throat was cut with a razor and so was his wife’s. She choked on her own blood. 

His crime spree ended as suddenly and mysteriously as it began. 

Can you think of any other lingering serial killers in America? Let us know so we put them on our next list!

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