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The release of the initial Jeffrey Epstein Lolita Express flight logs left many powerful people exposed. What about the latest logs?

Could we see new Epstein flight logs sometime soon?

The release of the initial Jeffrey Epstein Lolita Express flight logs left numerous politicians, millionaires, and Hollywood elite exposed for their connection to the convicted sex offender. Prince Andrew, Duke of York, modelling scout Jean Luc Brunell, and former U.S. president Bill Clinton were all named, along with surprises such as model Naomi Campbell & actor Kevin Spacey. 

But as the case against Epstein builds in the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Attorney General is looking for the full flight logs. Specifically, government officials are requesting the flight logs for all four helicopters and three planes of Epstein’s from 1998 until his death in 2019. 

While the initial release of the Epstein flight logs only included those who had ridden the infamous Lolita Express jet, this new drop could show any and all passengers who flew with Epstein. But the question is, when will this information be released to the public?

New Epstein logs mean new names

The release of all flight logs for Epstein’s aerial transport means anyone who has ever flown on Epstein’s planes or helicopters will be revealed. Sure, the Lolita Express was the most notable plane due to its renovations made by Epstein. Some may have flown to Epstein’s island on a different mode of transport, however.

If all the flight logs are released, new names are bound to be revealed to the public, never associated with Epstein prior. This will be extremely useful for federal prosecutors not only for their investigation against Epstein’s estate, but for prosecution of currently imprisoned Ghislaine Maxwell for her ties to Epstein. 

When could we see the names in Epstein’s full flight logs?

In an attempt to find more evidence & witnesses, the U.S. Virgin Islands are demanding these new reports. But Epstein’s full flight logs will reveal a lot more than new witnesses for a trial. These names would show numerous acquaintances of Jeffrey Epstein’s, and therefore more possible figures aware of Epstein’s sex trafficking ring. 

While the names will eventually be released to the public, the timing will come down to the case itself. If releasing the names affect the case, the information will remain under lock & key until the case is over. If a judge deems the public’s reaction to the Epstein flight logs won’t affect the case, however, there’s no reason they won’t be released publicly. 

We won’t know for sure until the attorney general’s office receives the flight logs. Watch this space to find out when the flight logs have been released. Who do you think will be revealed in the full flight logs from over twenty years of private air travel?

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