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If Jean-Luc Brunel’s role in Epstein’s trafficking ring is true, why aren’t U.S. officials looking into this figure further? Here's what we know.

Is Jean-Luc Brunel going to be charged for sex trafficking?

As Ghislaine Maxwell continues to threaten to squeal on all the famous names that played a role in her and Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking circle, many are already looking to see what these people are doing. Prince Andrew keeps getting mentioned, as the US looks to indict him in all of this business.

But one name that has been connected time and again to Epstein’s Manhattan house of horrors is still left out of most conversations. Jean-Luc Brunel, the modelling agent who allegedly rented out girls to Epstein and his friends, has all but disappeared.

If Brunel’s role in Epstein’s trafficking ring is true, why aren’t U.S. officials looking into this figure further? Surprisingly, Brunel was charged in France on sexual assault allegations – but the case has yet to move forward.

Brunel’s friendship with Jeffrey Epstein

To understand why Jean-Luc Brunel is important, first understand his alleged role in Epstein’s trafficking plan. The two most likely became close as both Brunel & Epstein owned luxury apartment buildings on the legendary Avenue Foch in Paris. 

Over the years, allegations arose that girls hired by Brunel were “lent” to Epstein to use for nefarious purposes. Most notably, Brunel lived in Epstein’s infamous Manhattan apartment for a while and put up girls and young women in the building to make it easier for Epstein to get at them. 

Brunel’s name is all over Epstein’s Lolita Express private jet flight logs, and even while Epstein was serving time in prison back in 2008 Brunel visited him numerous times. Of course, like all friendships with Epstein, as the media started to turn on the convicted pedophile, so did Brunel.

In 2015, Brunel and his modeling agency filed a lawsuit against Epstein seeking damages over Epstein’s criminal charges’ effect on Brunel and the agency. Naturally, the case was thrown out. 

Brunel’s crimes

Jean-Luc Brunel has suffered repeated accusations of impropriety unrelated to Jeffrey Epstein. Back in 1988, 60 Minutes did a spotlight on Brunel about numerous allegations alleging he groped, drugged, and even raped his models, which did nothing to stop him. 

In 1991, Thysia Huisman was just barely 18 and flew from the Netherlands to Paris to stay at Brunel’s apartment. While there, he constantly made references about how she should have sex with him. One night out at a nightclub, Brunel allegedly drugged Huisman and took her into a back room to rape her. 

Another model who stayed with Brunel in the early 90s, Zoe Brock was just seventeen and subjected to Brunel’s constant advances. She soon discovered a peephole in his bathroom and was eventually kicked out of the residence when Brunel realized Brock would never sleep with him. 

Charged in Paris courts

While Brunel has not been charged yet in the United States for any of his activities relating to Epstein, a case was opened in France against the mogul for not only his ties to Epstein, but his own assault allegations. The case turns a year old this month, and it seems nothing has been done to move it forward. 

Since this case against Brunel opened, French authorities have been trying to find victims of Brunel to come forward to talk with them about his actions. The models mentioned above are also working with Anne-Claire Le Jeune to find victims who were harassed or assaulted by Brunel within the statute of limitations to pursue legal action. 

The offices for Brunel’s Paris agency were raided back in September, and shortly after Epstein’s death Brunel closed his Miami & New York agencies’ offices. But even with the raid and numerous allegations from former models, the case has not moved forward.

Even Brunel himself has stepped out of the spotlight, and his whereabouts remain unknown. Witnesses are still working with Le Jeune to find other recent victims of Jean-Luc Brunel that could actually go to court against him. 

Brunel charged in America?

Many wonder if the FBI will try to get Jean-Luc Brunel indicted or even formally charge him for his involvement with Jeffrey Epstein – though the only other individual at this point to be charged for the alleged sex trafficking ring is recently arrested Ghislaine Maxwell

As more documents come out from Maxwell’s previous case against Virginia Roberts Giuffre, there may be more evidence to use against Brunel to indict him in the U.S. But right now, Brunel’s victims will have to keep fighting for justice, as neither France nor the States are pursuing legal action against him.

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  • I was a victim of Brunel! Model in Paris! Young. Vulnerable. Abused. Ready to talk !!!

    August 21, 2020
  • It’s very telling that he shut down his other offices after Epstein’s death, not after Epstein’s conviction.

    Thanks Bethany.

    August 26, 2020
  • Maxwell will be next before she gets the chance to sing like a birdie!

    February 20, 2022

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