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Ghislaine Maxwell’s bail was denied due to her being a strong flight risk. Where is Ghislaine Maxwell now? Here's what you need to know.

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell currently? Inside her prison life

Last week, Ghislaine Maxwell’s bail was denied due to her being a strong flight risk. Used to the life of luxury, Maxwell is now adjusting to her new living quarters in a nine-by-twelve maximum-security cell, similar to the one her boyfriend and accomplice, Jeffrey Epstein, was held in before his apparent suicide. 

In fact, Ghislaine Maxwell is held at the same facility where Jeffrey Epstein was kept. The Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) in Brooklyn, New York is a fortress the can host the worst of federal offenders. Its nicknames, The Tombs and The Guantanamo of New York can tell you all you need to know about conditions inside. 

Here’s everything we know about where Ghislaine Maxwell is and the type of life she’ll lead up to her trial in July 2021.  

Where did Ghislaine Maxwell stay on her first night in jail? 

When Ghislaine Maxwell was first taken in, she was put on a suicide watch. She had to sleep in paper clothes on a sheetless mattress so authorities could ensure she didn’t kill herself. Suicide watch is an intensive process where an inmate is monitored 24/7 to ensure they don’t die by suicide. 

Ghislaine Maxwell’s gown would most likely have been made with three-ply tissue paper, designed to break under her bodyweight while covering her body like a regular dress. 

Where did Ghislaine Maxwell move? 

Apart from prison transfers from where she was apprehended in New Hampshire to the MDC in New York, Ghislaine Maxwell slept in the prison changed from week to week. Fearing assassins would kill her, Maxwell requested multiple transfers to try and evade a potential killer. 

Like many people, Ghislaine Maxwell believes Epstein was murdered for what he knew about powerful people. She believes she can meet the same fate. 

Where are Ghislaine Maxwell’s security cameras

Security cameras monitor Ghislaine Maxwell’s every move in prison. Rumors started that the security cameras were turned off on Maxwell like they were for Epstein, but the allegations were swiftly debunked by prison officials. 

Where in jail is Ghislaine Maxwell being housed? 

Gen Pop, or General Population, is the term for where most inmates are housed. When Ghislaine Maxwell was first taken in, she was kept in solitary confinement due to her being a suicide risk. We’re not sure if she’s been moved or will be due to the high-profile nature of her case, her fears of being killed, and the nature of her charges. 

It’s common knowledge that inmates in US prisons give inmates who are charged with harming minors a harder time than usual. For this reason, Ghislaine Maxwell may never move out of solitary until at least her trial. 

A former warden of MDC confirmed that where Ghislaine Maxwell is, she would be a prime target for other inmates. The warden stated that injuring her “would be a badge of honor” for inmates housed with her. The warden also confirmed this is due to her famous case and the crimes she’s been charged with. 

Is Ghislaine Maxwell safe where she is? 

Apart from concerns that Ghislaine Maxwell could be harmed by another inmate, the prison where she’s housed has a string of human rights abuses and horrible conditions. Last winter, the prison was sued for freezing conditions. An electrical outage in the middle of winter took out heat for weeks, leaving inmates to freeze in their cells. 

In March, a judge declined to send convicts to the MDC due to coronavirus concerns. The MDC where Ghislaine Maxwell is housed was determined to be unsafe amid a COVID-19 outbreak, a reason her defense attorneys tried to use to secure Maxwell bail. 

Where are the other differences in Maxwell’s life? 

Ghislaine Maxwell went from living a luxurious life full of mansions and yachts to a small, cramped cell with zero privacy. Apart from security cameras that watch Maxwell, she is subject to humiliating cavity searches for contraband. These searches most likely happened every time she transferred to a new facility and they can occur randomly. 

Ghislaine Maxwell is also not allowed to have personal effects. Maxwell can have prison-issued clothing, and a blanket & pillow if she’s no longer on suicide watch. She can only keep approved religious trinkets like a cross necklace and texts like The Bible. 

Ghislaine Maxwell certainly cannot keep her cell phone where she is. In many prisons, having a cell phone on you is treated as an escape attempt. An inmate caught with one can be transferred to a supermax wing or facility and are given significantly fewer privileges. They can even be put in solitary for a time for having a cell phone.

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