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The entirety of Jeffrey Epstein’s net worth didn’t just hop from Jeffrey to his brother, Mark. Here's what you need to know.

What happened to Jeffrey Epstein’s net worth after he died?

Short answer: since Jeffrey Epstein has no known heirs, his entire net worth passed on to his brother Mark. Epstein’s fortune was massive, with over $600 million in property, cash, investments, and other assets. That said, the truth is a little more complicated than that. 

The entirety of Jeffrey Epstein’s net worth didn’t just hop from Jeffrey to his brother, Mark. Plus, given the lawsuits and legal investigation, the net worth of Jeffrey Epstein’s estate can shrink. 

Also in the fray are upcoming paternity suits from possible heirs. While Jeffrey Epstein didn’t openly father any children, over a hundred possible heirs are coming forward regarding paternity claims. Unsurprising, as Jeffrey Epstein’s massive net worth is on the line. 

However, new information is emerging about Ghislaine Maxwell and how she protected her net worth. According to a family friend, Maxwell may have married to protect her net worth. Who she married and whether or not it was Jeffrey Epstein is unclear. 

How did Jeffrey Epstein amass his net worth? 

Jeffrey Epstein was an investment banker and started his own equity firm in the 1980s. His talent with numbers and massive network caught the attention of wealthy people like Leslie Wexner, former CEO of Limited Brands – the parent company of familiar stores in any mall, including Victoria’s Secret and Abercrombie & Fitch. 

Jeffrey Epstein managed massive net worth via stock portfolios for his rich & famous clients and grew his own. Through the 1990s, Epstein grew his net worth from stock portfolios to massive, secluded properties. 

The real estate that was part of Jeffrey Epstein’s net worth enabled him to hide his sex trafficking operation. Many of Epstein’s victims were taken to his more remote properties, including Little St. James, a private island in the Caribbean. 

Jeffrey Epstein’s net worth and the FBI investigation

After Jeffrey Epstein’s death, the FBI searched Epstein’s homes looking for evidence that could prove he and his cohorts engaged in sex trafficking minors. The evidence they found is unclear, especially since they’re using it in Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial. 

The FBI and US Virgin Island officials also obtained a warrant for Jeffrey Epstein’s island in the Caribbean. They searched it and seized a bunch of computers from the property. If they found anything from the computers, it may come out during Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial or the civil suits against Epstein’s estate. 

Lawsuits against Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein’s estate is being sued by multiple people, mainly victims of his sex trafficking scandal. A victims’ fund of over $630 million is being established to pay out the numerous victims of Jeffrey Epstein’s criminal enterprise. 

Also in the lawsuit is Ghislaine Maxwell, who is suing Jeffrey Epstein’s estate to pay for her legal fees. Not to mention upcoming paternity suits could reduce Epstein’s post-mortem net worth to a fraction of what it was.

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