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Many wonder what Epstein spent his net worth on. We’ve gone ahead and found some of the weirdest most uncomfortable images from Jeffrey Epstein’s homes.

Creepy AF photos: These show how Jeffrey Epstein spent his net worth

Jeffrey Epstein has been gone for over a year now, and yet the world’s fascination with his mysterious (and horrifying) life has yet to wane. Odds are, this is at least partially due to the fact his longtime friend, one-time girlfriend, and consistent professional assistant is currently in prison awaiting trial for her part in the crimes the two allegedly committed.

While everyone is well aware of Epstein’s strange decor choices and the fact he was convicted of soliciting a minor for prostitution, but everyone is still looking to find out creepy new details. We’ve gone ahead and found some of the weirdest most uncomfortable images from Epstein’s homes.

Fetal position

Epstein had a thing for paintings and wall art – especially if it was weird, sexual, or somehow disconcerting.

This is one of many pieces of art which has raised the public’s eyebrows. The artwork, which seems to display a naked person hunched over apparently distressed and possibly naked was discovered in the 2005 raid of Epstein’s Palm Beach home.

Dental equipment?

This photo makes us curl our toes. This image is from one of Epstein’s bathrooms in the same Palm Beach home, and was found at the same time as the artwork above.

It appears to be a fully professional setup for dental work including all of the electric tools (yes, drills too) and a giant magnifying glass on an adjustable arm. When the video footage zooms in you can see a giant pile of towels beside the setup and a white armchair that looks like it belongs in a living room, not beside a bathtub.

In case you’re wondering, no, Jeffrey Epstein was never trained to be a dentist, dental assistant, or even a receptionist at a dental clinic. Why he would own these tools is unknown, but anything we can think of sends chills down our spines.

Bill Clinton in a dress

Bill Clinton has been associated with Jeffrey Epstein for a number of reasons. Namely, because he’s known to have traveled to Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean on more than one occasion, and also traveled to Africa with him.

So, the fact Epstein owned a painting of the former president is a bit odd already. But a painting of Clinton in Hillary Clinton’s dress and posing flirtatiously is very weird indeed.

This painting resided in Jeffrey Epstein’s downtown New York mansion.

Private jet

Gaudy 80s-style evil villain decor aside, many sources have reported that Epstein’s private jet – frequently referred to as the Lolita Express – had padded floors. You know, in case walking a few feet to the literal bedroom that existed on the plane was too far & you just had to join the mile high club on the floor.

Blindfolded statue

While it’s hard to make out, this statue of a crouching person is also blindfolded. And seems to fit a theme of person based imagery including the content of vulnerable or otherwise powerless people.

This statue was also found in the Palm Beach raid.

There are numerous other reports of Epstein having deranged & freaky decor, but finding images of these decorations proves difficult. There are claims of a doll chandelier in his New York mansion which features a life-size female doll hanging from the light fixture, a chessboard with sexual figures of his staff, and even a hallway filled with real eyeballs individually framed.

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