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Jeffrey Epstein’s island, Little St. James, has a number of nicknames. Here are some of the creepiest photos of the Epstein island.

See how creepy Jeffrey Epstein’s island looks a year after his death

Jeffrey Epstein’s island, Little St. James, has a number of nicknames. It’s been called “Pedophile Island”, “Island of Sin”, “Orgy Island”, and more. Epstein was arrested in 2019 on sex trafficking charges. Epstein owned his island for twenty years. Throughout that time, he used a plane called the Lolita Express to bring underage girls there. 

Following Epstein’s arrest and apparent suicide, people took an interest in his private island, taking a closer look at the bizarre place. Here are some of the creepiest photos of the island.

Blue & white striped building

This blue & white striped building with a gold dome resembles a temple of some sort on Epstein’s island. Straying from any type of usual architectural design, the structure is reportedly supposed to be a music pavilion, holding a grand piano inside. Jeffrey Epstein’s friends & family have described him as a pianist. 

However, the building looks almost nothing like the plans submitted to officials before it was built. The building plans from 2010 were part of a permit application needed to put the structure up, but it looks significantly different in real life.

Plastic cows

Life-size plastic cow statues were random, strange, and unexplainable figures on the island. Supposedly, staff members moved the cows around each day. It remains a mystery why they were moved around or why they were there in the first place.


A sundial sits close to the shore of Jeffrey Epstein’s island. Sundials were used throughout history as a way to tell time using the sun’s position and the shadow cast on the device’s dial. 

A tool used hundreds of years ago is an odd structure to build on Epstein’s property. What makes the sundial even weirder is the benches surrounding it.

Animal hide chair

Epstein had some really odd decorations throughout the island property, including this chair. The chair appears to be made from animal horns & hide. Owning a piece of furniture made from an animal isn’t strange, but the elaborate design twining the horns makes this chair particularly creepy & unsettling. The kind of animal this chair was made out of is unknown.

Women on the island

Young women & girls were often sexually abused on Jeffrey Epstien’s island. The photo above looks like a happy vacation picture, hiding the island’s haunting past. What really happened on the island makes this photo anything but innocent. 

One of the women in the picture is Epstein survivor Chauntae Davies. She met Epstein when she was twenty one years old while studying massage. Davies’s massage teacher asked her to attend an appointment with one of Epstein’s friends, Ghislaine Maxwell. Once Maxwell put her in contact with Epstein, events started to escalate. 

Epstein groomed her with gifts, as well as paid for her culinary school and her sister’s study abroad in Spain. Sadly, these gestures were tactics of manipulation, finding opportunities to sexually assault Davies multiple times.

Secluded house

Somewhere on Jeffrey Epstein’s island exists a house largely obscured from the outside. Surrounded by trees & plants, getting a detailed view of the house is difficult. The windows are hard to see and the entryway is quite dark.


Even though Jeffrey Epstein’s island itself is beautiful, there’s so much dark history hidden in the paradise.Many more creepy parts of the island exist beyond these photos, but these pictures offer a small glimpse of the eerie island. 

Despite various famous guests visiting over the years and the fancy parties held there for the rich & elite, Jeffrey Epstein’s island was not a happy place. The island is likely riddled with more sinister stories than will ever be exposed.

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