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In the tragic aftermath of Astroworld, fans are now refusing to listen to music by Travis Scott. Has the popular rager finally been knocked for the night?

Will Travis Scott’s “mistress” drain his net worth?

Travis Scott is one of the biggest rappers on the planet, but the accolades that have come with hits like “Antidote” and “Sicko Mode” have been equaled by the number of controversies he’s been involved in. It’s only been a few years since the deadly Astroworld incident, and the disastrous fallout that resulted, and now it appears that Scott is in the middle of yet another controversy.

Will the rapper’s latest tabloid story affect his net worth? Will his career be negatively impacted? Here’s everything you need to know.

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Mistress rumors

Scott has had a complicated romance with Kylie Jenner ever since the two started dating in 2017. They welcomed a daughter, Stormi Webster, the following year, but the idyllic family life the couple seemed destined for was broken up by rumors of Scott’s infidelity. These rumors first appeared in 2019, and resulted in a relationship that’s been on-again, off-again ever since.

The speculation over Scott’s infidelity gained even traction when an IG model named Rojean “Ro” Kar made some derisive comments towards Jenner. The latter posted a series of photos on her Instagram Story, and Ro took a blurry photo of the sidewalk with the text: 

“I just wanna know sis… You don’t find it kinda cringe copying everything I do? Like, even my little sayings? I’m embarrassed for you.” The comments seemed pretty squarely pointed at Jenner, which led many fans to theorize that Ro has a bone to pick with her.

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Travis and Ro’s history

This is not the first time that Ro has been linked to Scott. She has reportedly known the rapper since 2013, and is believed to have been the woman that he cheated with when he and Jenner took their first break in 2019. Ro denied the rumor at the time, dubbing it a “false narrative.”

Nevertheless, Ro has continued to be in Scott’s orbit. On October 22, 2022, Ro posted a series of videos on her Instagram Story that showed she was on the set of one of the rapper’s productions. “I’m directing obvi,” she wrote in the caption.

The posts quickly caught the attention of fans, which led Scott to shut down rumors and post an oddly cryptic message on his own Instagram: “It’s a lot of weird s**t going on.”

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Financial repercussions

It’s important to restate that Ro’s status as Scott’s “mistress” is entirely speculatory. There have been some convincing pieces of evidence to support it, but ultimately, both parties have denied any serious affiliation. Because there has been nothing confirmed, there’s very little that Ro can do to drain the rapper’s net worth.

Scott’s net worth currently sits at $70 million. It’s an impressive number, especially when one considers that his earnings have climbed steadily since he released his debut album in 2015. Scott is also one of the most prolific artists when it comes to sponsorships and collaborations, as evidenced by the deals he’s struck with McDonald’s and Nike. Forbes estimates that Scott makes $10 million a year off his Nike deal alone.

Unless there are some bombshell revelations coming around the corner, Ro has very little to stand on when it comes to claiming a chunk out of Scott’s fortune.

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