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We all saw the lawsuits coming, but the amount Travis Scott may need to pay is enormous. See why he may be liable for the Astroworld tragedy at Six Flags.

How much is Travis Scott being sued for after Six Flag’s Astroworld tragedy?

Astroworld has been an ongoing tragedy of people injured & lives lost. Apparently, Travis Scott started the music festival in honor of Six Flags AstroWorld. He wanted to share his childhood with his fans.

However, Scott has shown a propensity toward getting his fans to act recklessly and cause destruction. In the past, he’s encouraged fans to put themselves in dangerous situations. Yet, no lives were lost in the treacherous games he was playing.

The same could not be said for his performance in Houston, TX on November 5th. It was a night no one would ever forget, so different from the Six Flags AstroWorld it was inspired by. Will Scott finally have to pay for his impetuous behavior?

Formerly known as

In 1968, Six Flags opened in Houston, TX, and named it Six Flags AstroWorld. Before it was the site of chaos & tragedy, it was home to famous rides like the Texas Cyclone. By 2006, though, it had been demolished due to declining popularity.

Kids back then associated the area with fond times with their family & friends. Kids nowadays associate the area with its close proximity to NRG Park. They remember less about the rides and more about Scott’s Astroworld Music Festival.

The Houston-born rapper might’ve had his own happy memories of Six Flags AstroWorld. However, those happy memories would soon turn sour in the span of a single night.

Taking over

In August 2018, Scott released his third studio album Astroworld. It featured artists like 21 Savage, The Weeknd, Juice Wrld, and Drake. Featuring the hit song “Sicko Mode”, it went on to win Album of the Year at the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards.

In November 2018, Scott followed the album’s success by launching a music festival by the same name. Like many millennials, he wanted to relive the nostalgia of a childhood spent at Six Flags AstroWorld.

Yet, one could argue his version of Astroworld was never going to be as innocent as he might’ve remembered it. Scott has always encouraged dangerous behavior from his fans, who he calls “ragers”. What happens when it’s taken too far?

Fun turns sour

On November 5th, 2021, Scott was performing not too far from the site previously known as Six Flags AstroWorld. It started off with Scott doing his usual and encouraging fans to break into the concert and ended with eight people dead.

Various videos throughout social media gave a rough timeline of events. Fans rushed the stage and eight people were crushed underfoot in what experts have been calling a “crowd surge”.

Unfortunately for Scott, the videos also gave a sense of inaction & carelessness. One video, for example, showed two fans trying desperately to warn a cameraman, but to no avail. It was a far cry from the childlike happiness of Six Flags AstroWorld.

The remaining two days of the music festival were canceled. However, two more people succumbed to their injuries later on, in addition to up to three hundred people being hospitalized. Scott is now facing multiple lawsuits even as money can’t undo the damage caused.


As of now, Scott is facing up to thirty-six lawsuits. He’s not alone, though, as Apple Music, Live Nation, and even Drake are among many named specifically in a variety of lawsuits.

Houston attorney Tony Buzbee has presented the biggest lawsuit. Buzbee is representing many impacted by the disastrous music festival. Axel Acosta Avila, killed during the concert, is one of Buzbee’s many clients.

Scott is looking at a possible payout of $750 million. He wanted to recreate a childhood spent at Six Flags AstroWorld. Instead, he created a night of horror & trauma, now people want him to pay for it.

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