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We dedicate time to the unheralded scary side of one of the best couples ever on TV: Malec’s spookiest moments from 'Shadowhunters' with Harry Shum Jr.

Malec’s spookiest moments from ‘Shadowhunters’ with Harry Shum Jr.

Halloween is just around the corner and we’re celebrating by staying in and rewatching Shadowhunters again & again. Our favorite couple from this amazing show is, of course, Malec (if you couldn’t already tell). 

Malec bring Shadowhunters to a whole new level. Their relationship is not always the picture-perfect romcom romance we know & love. They struggle with demons, Valentine (Alan Van Sprang), and Alec’s mom Maryse (Nicola Correia-Damude): terrifying! The representation of their relationship has been amazing to see on such a pivotal show.

The Shadowfam continues celebrating their romance and Shadowhunters as a whole. We love everything Malec, and so this Gothtober we dedicate time to one of the best couples ever on TV. Here are Malec’s spookiest moments from Shadowhunters.

S1E4 “Raising Hell”

The Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.) and Alec (Matthew Daddario) meet-cute: cue the swooning! The Shadowhunters set out on a mission to meet with notorious warlock Magnus Bane in hopes of retrieving Clary’s (Katherine McNamara) blocked memories. Things don’t go as planned when a Circle member assassin attempts to murder Magnus.

Alec being the swift, talented Shadowhunter he is manages to swoop in and be Magnus’s knight in shining armor. That near-death experience is guaranteed to scare anyone. However, Magnus is too distracted by the handsome Shadowhunter who saved the day to let the stress of the situation sink in.

S1E4 “Raising Hell”

This episode has a lot of situations that terrify us. Malec is in danger once again when they summon smoky memory demon Valak. The Shadowhunters and Magnus around the pentagram must each sacrifice a memory of those they love most. Izzy (Emeraude Toubia) goes first and her memory is of her brother Alec. Sister goals!

Alec is next. His memory is of parabatai and secret love, Jace (Dominic Sherwood). Alec’s not yet ready to accept his feelings and sexuality. He breaks the bond which holds the demon at bay, and Valak nearly kills Jace as a result. Previously useless Clary amazingly saves the day, and everyone is left disoriented.

This is the first time we have some confirmation from Alec about his true feelings: the start of a journey which leads him to marrying High Warlock of Brooklyn Magnus Bane.

S2E8 “Love is a Devil”

Fast-forward to Shadowhunters S2: Malec are a happy couple. Magnus, being the magical host with the most, organizes a party in honor of Max (Alec’s brother, played by Jack Fulton), receiving his first Rune. 

Things go awry when an uninvited guest crashes the party: Iris (Stephanie Belding), a warlock casting a spell which brings everyone’s greatest insecurities to light. Alec recently was possessed by a demon and killed Clary’s mom, Jocelyn (Maxim Roy). Alec, being the kind and gentle Shadowhunter he is, can’t live with the guilt.

Iris’s spell brings forth a lot of emotions for Alec. He even hallucinates Clary telling him how much he hurt her. With that on his conscience, he goes to the apartment building’s roof and attempts to jump right off. Magnus returns the favor from S1 and saves Alec’s life. This episode is a whirlwind and definitely earned its place among Malec’s spookiest moments. 

S2E12 “You are Not Your Own”

Valentine and Magnus switch lives in this crazy, spooky, and intense episode. Magnus is now imprisoned as everyone is unaware that their minds have switched. On the outside, Magnus looks like Valentine, and Valentine is now assuming the identity of Magnus.

Inquisitor Herondale (Mimi Kuzyk) continues to torture Valentine, not aware of the switch. Alec is also unaware of the switch, and proceeds to be the loving boyfriend he is to Magnus, not noticing Magnus’s hesitation; Valentine’s a breeder, no doubt about it. 

The Inquisitor goes behind the Clave’s backs and decides to execute Valentine with Alec by her side. Valentine pleads with them both and tries to convince Alec it’s he. Heartbreaking!

Before Alec kills the love of his life, Valentine (in Magnus’s body) portals to the Institute with Jace. Bargaining with the Inquisitor, Valentine reveals that Jace is a Herondale. Instead of killing Jace, Valentine agrees to trade to get his body back. 

Valentine and Magnus switch back and Alec desperately tries to enter the apartment to help his beloved. All things end well for our dear Shadowhunters: Valentine is once again captured (in the correct body this time) and taken back to the Institute. We love a happy ending. 

S3E18 “The Beast Within”

Amazing boyfriend Alec always wants what’s best for Magnus. Magnus lost his powers and is miserable because of it. So Alec decides to make a deal with Magnus’s father Asmodeus (yes, the devil) to try and retrieve them.

Asmodeus (Jack Yang) agrees under one condition: Malec must end! Knowing how much Magnus loves his powers and how miserable he is, Alec selflessly agrees, trying to ensure Magnus’s happiness even if it’s without him. 

What’s spooky about this scene is just how creepy Asmodeus is. He’s known as the “Prince of Hell” – looks like they don’t teach you to smile down there. So Alec must break Magnus’s heart in order to save his life.

S3E20 & 21 “City of Glass” & “Alliance”

These two episodes are a whirlwind for the Shadowfam. Malec start off broken up, but end up engaged by the end of “City of Glass”. However, Magnus makes another sacrifice and heads to Edom in order to save those he loves. A rift is open and letting demons loose. Magnus has to head to Edom to harness the full extent of his powers. Seeing Alec’s heartbroken face is enough to make anyone teary-eyed.

All is not lost. Alec & friends hatch a plan to head to Edom in hopes of retrieving Magnus. (Edom is definitely no holiday destination for 2020!) Magnus is rescued and the wedding preparations can commence!

Now you’re done reading this, go back and enjoy these spooky Malec moments again and again!

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