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'Shadowhunters' is gone but not forgotten thanks to the committed Shadowfam. Here's why they deserve your votes for best fandom in our Bingewatch Awards.

Think the Shadowfam is the Best Fandom? Vote now in the Bingewatch Awards

Ever since Freeform cruelly announced the cancellation of Shadowhunters, the Shadowfam has worked tirelessly to see their adored show saved from the chopping block. 

Throughout the Bingewatch Awards, no fandom has been more vocal or supportive than the Shadowfam. In the social media age of instant communication and lightning-fast connection, it’s easier than ever to amass a vast group of friends & followers to rally around a common cause. 

In our bid to reach out to Shadowhunters’s most dedicated fans, we’ve been overwhelmed by how many of you have made lifelong friendships either online or at fan conventions.

Nothing represents a show better than its fans. If there’s anything we’ve grasped onto the most during our battle to #SaveSaturdays, it’s how influential a wave of fan support can be. Every time a show has been renewed or picked up by another network in the midst of cancellation, it’s precisely because of the fans. We can’t wait to see what happens when the Shadowfam steps up to the plate this year.

While the Shadowfam keeps on truckin’ like the group of valiant demon hunters they are, we’ve been talking a lot about the significance of Shadowhunters, why it deserves to continue, and why it’s a travesty that no one has snapped it up yet. 

Here’s why the Shadowfam deserves the Bingewatch Award for Best Fandom.

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Fans find support in Shadowhunters

The Shadowfam has gotten in touch with Film Daily over the past year or so with amazing stories dedicated to Shadowhunters

@mellyb6: “The last school year was incredibly tough for me and discovering Shadowhunters at the very beginning of it has made it bearable. I have grown so attached to the characters and to their stories. There are some episodes that I have watched close to ten times, and I know that whatever happens in my life there are people around the world who have my back.”

@_LightwoodBane_: “I am a bisexual woman who faces so much discrimination it’s ridiculous. But, when I discovered Magnus Bane, my world changed. The way he was portrayed was perfect. It was not only accurate, but they addressed stereotypes and absolutely destroyed them. It made people understand bisexuals as people and I’m so grateful for that. He made me realize that I am worth it and bisexuality isn’t a burden.”

@xhollie_sealeyx: “For a lot of people, Shadowhunters for those 40 minutes each week is their only source of happiness and brings them the most joy in their life and strength to keep fighting. 

“It has been a really great help to me these past six months, and if I hadn’t started watching the show and made the friends I have now, I honestly don’t know where I would be right now. It’s given me the confidence to keep on fighting no matter what.”

The Shadowfam is charitable

If you hadn’t realized, we’re taking matters into our own hands and working with the fandom to further the profile of the show everyday in order to tell the powers that be that we’ll keep on fighting till the happy end (when Shadowhunters is saved).

The Shadowfam raised over $24,000 for the LGBTQ+ youth charity The Trevor Project – which apparently Freeform has matched – which is an amazing achievement. We think their valiant charity efforts are a great example of why Shadowhunters needs to continue. What TV network wouldn’t want to work with a tribe of positive and dedicated people who want to make the world a better place?

The Shadowfam supports each other and their love for Shadowhunters

Check out some of the best stories we’ve heard of Shadowhunters friendships in one of the warmest, most inviting fandoms in the world.

@wckdmeg: “Some of my best friends came from this fandom. Being a video editor on Instagram has shown me this amazing community of Shadowhunters fans and has allowed me to make IRL and online friends. I’ve gone to New York Comic Con and tried to help share awareness of the show. 

“In school I try my best to indulge people in what Shadowhunters has to offer and see if they are interested in starting the show. So far I have had quite a few friends and classmates start watching the show. As a fandom, we have done a lot, whether that’s trying to promote the show ourselves on social media or raise money for charities like The Trevor Project.”

@mellyb6: “I actually joined Twitter again in June 2018 just when the news of the cancellation broke, and I have made so many dear friends now. I have only made friends online for now, but I’m planning on meeting quite a few at a couple of Shadowhunters conventions later this year in the summer.”

@lovelyshums: “I have made a ton of friends, so many of which are such incredible and wonderful people. I count myself very lucky to have met all these amazing people through this show. My friends already watched the show from the beginning even though they weren’t as invested in it as I. I found so many people on Twitter who shared my love for the show and with whom I became friends.”

Shadowhunters means so much to the Shadowfam

Here’s what the show means to the ShadowFam. We can only hope there’s a network out there willing to listen and save Shadowhunters for these self-same reasons.

Danielle McGrath (@_danimcg): “The show has allowed gender and sexual minorities to be represented positively in the media, along with other various minority groups that haven’t been given the chance to be represented on screen. 

“In this modern age, the female gender is still represented in the media as the family nurturer or as a sexual object, but Shadowhunters has turned this on its head and portrayed their female protagonists Clary and Isabelle as independent warriors who can fend for themselves. The inclusion of these minorities gives all viewers something to see themselves in and I think that is a beautiful thing.”

Emma Bailey (@emmeboo79): “The show for me isn’t ‘just a show’. It’s my little ray of light out of the darkness that engulfs me on a daily basis. Losing my brother so suddenly literally destroyed me to the point where I didn’t want to live anymore. Discovering the show and falling in love with Malec gave me something to look forward to; it inspired me to write again and made my heart jump when it’s been numb for so long.”

Cancellation is not an option

The Shadowfam got in touch with their thoughts after the cancellation of Shadowhunters

Maëva C (@xfreakingfray): “At the moment, Shadowhunters is officially cancelled and I’m very upset about it. I need answers. We all need it. I don’t understand why the network cancelled it because it was their biggest show and also the most popular of their channel. 

“But following the news (of cancellation), we have achieved so much and we’re stronger than ever. And we’re getting very loud. We won’t give up until we get what we want – Shadowhunters S4. To me, we’ve already said goodbye a few times: When we first heard the news and when the cast made their goodbyes and wrapped filming. And we will say goodbye again when the show ends.”

Inger-Marie Otterlei (@ingermarie1): “Not giving the cast, crew, and fandom the ending the show deserves is just ridiculous. This show and the world that was created is so dear to so many people out there and they deserve a proper goodbye. I don’t wanna lose the show that has helped me so much. 

“If the cancellation had been done more professionally and respectfully, I wouldn’t have been this devastated. But it is what it is. It could’ve been handled ten times better though and that is something that I won’t get over any time soon. Respect is important when doing something like this. I’m strongly hoping the show gets saved, and am doing everything I can. A proper goodbye is what we deserve – or, like six more seasons.”

Film Daily has been incredibly moved by the flood of passionate and personal responses the Shadowfam sent our way. Reading through the deeply intimate tributes to your favorite show has been an emotional journey for us, and we wanted to pay respect to the fans who have had their lives saved by the best fantasy series on TV, Shadowhunters.

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