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At least we can rely on memes to lift our spirits while we wait for 'Sanditon' season 2. We hope you enjoy these hilarious 'Sanditon' memes.

We want ‘Sanditon’ season 2: These memes explain why

Oh, how we miss Sanditon. If only we could wave a magic wand and give the marvelous series a season 2. Much like Charlotte during the heartbreaking season 2 finale, our strong love for Sanditon is tragically unrequited when PBS tragically canceled the show. 

But our love will carry on as we do our darndest to convince Amazon Prime to grant Sanditon the ending it deserves. While we wait impatiently for news about a possible Sanditon season 2, at least we can rely on memes to lift our spirits. We hope you enjoy these hilarious Sanditon memes.  

Sanditon & vampires

Wouldn’t this be an excellent parody? Can’t you imagine Sidney with red eyes & fangs? The levels of sexiness would be off the charts. 

Horribly bad ending

We’re with you, Grandma. Sanditon’s ending is unacceptable. But we’re working to make sure that’s not the real ending. Just hang on! 

Is this a Sanditon meme? 

Confused butterfly man is now synonymous with Sidney. Love & hate are two emotions woven of the same cloth. Sidlotte is forever

Firefly < Sanditon

Come on, Amazon. Get your priorities straight. Firefly may be amazing, but Sanditon definitely deserves it more. 

Pls, we’re dying. 

Look at that face! We’re all in tears – desperately pining for that suitable Jane Austen ending

Widowed & ready to mingle

Can we all just agree we love to hate Eliza? What a snake, ruining a happy ending.

Favorite beach activity: complaining

Is it just me or are Arthur & Diana Parker hilarious? These hypochondriacs are severely underrated.

Angsty Ester

Is Ester not the most delightful angsty character? She may seem taciturn, cold, & mean – but on the inside, she’s just a teenager reacting the way a teenager would react to everything. Her wedding, in the end, is so adorable. 

Ignorant Ester

Did we mention Ester acts like a dumb teenager? No Ester – you don’t have to obsess over manipulative boys and make them love you. Thank goodness she got a happy ending. 

Get outta here

This is what we wanted to say to PBS when the canceled Sanditon. But what if Charlotte actually said that to Sidney? That would have made for a fantastic ending. Sidney is dumb for leaving her. 

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  • Although I am not your typical PBS fan I also think Sanditon was an excellent series and I hope to see it return. I believe it probably does have a large U.S. fan base.

    October 25, 2020

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