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Sidlotte is the best ship of all time and desperately deserves a chance at a happy ending. These exquisite 'Sanditon' quotes speak for themselves.

‘Sanditon’ quotes: Why Sidlotte is our favorite ship of all time

Dear sweet Sanditon, we miss you dearly. Please come back to us soon – we can’t find another period drama to fill the void that was left after the devastating season finale. Without more Sanditon, Jane Austen’s marvelous story will never reach a proper ending – and nor will our deeply coveted pairing, Sidlotte. 

The last we saw, Sidlotte had been severed and Sidney left Charlotte heartbroken – just as PBS left us heartbroken when they announced that there are no plans for a second season. While this was deeply lamentable news, the tides have now changed and our hopes have recently been restored.


When Amazon Prime UK asked followers “which TV show would you give a different ending?”, a barrage of tweets came in from Sanditon fans begging for a proper ending to Sanditon. To our great delight, Amazon responded, saying, “#SaveSanditon Squad, we hear you and we’re doing what we can.”

Now it’s our job to convince Amazon to swoop in and grace us with more Sanditon. Here’s one reason: Sidlotte is the best ship of all time and desperately deserves a chance at a happy ending. These exquisite Sanditon quotes speak for themselves.

“He inspires an anger in me I did not know I possessed. And yet I find that his good opinion means more to me than anyone else’s, how can that be?”

—Charlotte Heywood

Is it not a classic Jane Austen move to make the two lovebirds clash in the beginning? Charlotte & Sidney immediately butt heads – Sidney is brusque & standoffish while Charlotte is kind & inquisitive.

The two are a prime example of “opposites attract.” Their passion is sizzling in every interaction and they just can’t stop thinking about each other – no matter how hard they try. After all, love & hate are woven of the same cloth.

– “You are not nearly as unfeeling as you pretend.” —Charlotte Heywood

– “Well if that is the case I would ask you to keep it to yourself. I have a reputation to uphold.” —Sidney Parker

How cute is this dialogue? Charlotte, sharp & candid as usual, sees beyond Sindey’s guise and tells him that straight up. Instead of denying it, Sidney artfully replies with this playful remark. Signature Sidlotte flirtatiousness right here.


“Only if you really don’t care, I wonder why you take the trouble to be quite so offensive and hurtful.”  

—Charlotte Heywood

Zing. Jane Austen has this special way of creating characters who can make acute assessments of characters’ intentions. Charlotte may be naive, but dang is she smart. It’s these moments when we know exactly why Sidney falls for Charlotte. Sydney is a total tsundere and Charlotte knows it.

“Well, is it conceivable that we’ve had each other wrong, Admiral Heywood?”

—Sidney Parker

Ever so slowly Sidney’s icy front melts and we see his pride wash away. Sidney started off as the difficult one, but he also is the one to push things forward between them. Plus, Admiral Heywood? Okay, this is undeniably one of the cutest nicknames of all time.

“I believe he has a tenderness that few people get to see.”

—Charlotte Heywood

Charlotte always wants to see the best in people and she’s ever-so eager to see it in Sidney. He’s like a riddle that Charlotte needs to solve – in other words, she’s totally in love with him. How does everyone in Sanditon not see that immediately? We did. Well, of course we did – Sidney is too hot not to fall for.

– “Miss Heyward, am I never to get away from you?” —Sidney Parker

– “Mr. Parker I assure you, you are the last person I wish to see.” —Charlotte Heywood

Was this not the most exciting scene ever? Charlotte saw Sidney in his birthday suit, soaking wet! We must thank happenstance (Jane Austen’s brilliant orchestration) for the titillating encounter. Charlotte can act like she didn’t want to see this, but she’s not fooling anyone.

“Don’t doubt yourself. You’re more than equal to any woman here.” 

—Sidney Parker

It’s easy for Charlotte to feel intimidated by a crowd full of rich socialites – her background is vastly different from theirs. Sidney’s words are incredibly sweet – they must be exactly what Charlotte needed to hear. What a heart-swelling moment. 

“Is it possible for your affections towards a man to alter entirely within the space of a single day?” 

—Charlotte Heywood

Yes Charlotte, yes it is possible. Don’t act like you weren’t smitten with him before – you’re clearly obsessed. Lady Susan calls her out in response, saying – yeah hon, you’re totally in love with him. Just accept it.

“If I have changed at all it is in no small part down to you. I have never wanted to put myself in someone else’s power before. I’ve never wanted to care for anyone but myself.”

—Sidney Parker

Gotta say it – this is the best quote of the bunch. Hearing it gives us goosebumps! Who would have predicted that Sidney softens up this much? These words really reveal the true love that has been blossoming between them throughout the series.

“I believe I am my best self, my truest self, when I’m with you.”

—Sidney Parker

Charlotte may have been the one to have killer lines in the beginning but Sidney takes the cake. He is a true romantic and Charlotte is often left totally stunned by his words, only giving him some cute doe-eyed stares – unable to reciprocate in any other way.

“When it comes to love there is no such thing as a foregone conclusion.” 

—Lady Susan

We’re so grateful for Lady Susan’s sudden friendship with Charlotte. That bond right there pretty much saved Sanditon. Not to mention, Lady Susan has some sage advice that really encourages the Sidlotte ship. This quote is total foreshadowing! There’s no foregone conclusion – Sidlotte may seem over at the end of Sanditon season 1, but we know, and Lady Susan knows, that just can’t be. Come on, Amazon listen to Lady Susan!

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  • Thank you for your support for Sanditon!LOVE this show and need to have more Sidlotte in Season 2!!

    June 25, 2020
  • “I would rather be naive than insensible of feeling!” I think these words really shock Sidney into action in Sanditon. My fave quote. Let all the insensible suits who left us with the cliffhanger ending be moved to fix the wrong and give Sidlotte the ending Austen would have wanted. Pretty please!!

    June 25, 2020
  • Actually, “Is it possible for your affections towards a man to alter entirely within the space of a single day?” was Babbington, asking Charlotte about Esther

    July 25, 2023

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