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There are a million and one reasons why Rogelio (Jaime Camil) deserves to headline his own 'Jane the Virgin' spinoff; we list a few here!

Why Rogelio deserves his own ‘Jane the Virgin’ spinoff

In every telenovela, there’s always one character who is just the definition of “extra”. He or she is the rich lead, sweeping a poor lover off his or her feet with wealth and gifts galore. If you watch Jane the Virgin, you know exactly who embodies this role. 

Rogelio de la Vega is the boldest, brashest, most extra long-lost father we’ve ever seen on our screens. He came crashing into Jane’s world early on in S1 and shook everything up for the better, as their world was already changing thanks to Jane’s pregnancy. By the end of season one, Mateo (the brat) was born and Jane had learned to love the father she’d never known.

If you’ve been living under a rock or you’re just not a Jane the Virgin fan, here’s the 411 on Rogelio. He was Xiomara’s high-school boyfriend back in the day. When Xio got pregnant, Rogelio asked her to get an abortion. He and his family moved back to Mexico (with Rogelio continuing to love Xio from afar), and Xio kept the baby that ended up being Jane Gloriana Villanueva.

Rogelio suffered and struggled for many years, but finally became a huge telenovela (and recording) star. By the time we meet Jane and Xio in the Jane the Virgin pilot, they’re avid fans of his breakout show The Passions of Santos (with Jane having no idea Santos is her mother’s ex). Based on a letter that Xiomara sent to Rogelio telling him about Jane’s existence in 2013, Rogelio moved the whole production of his telenovela series to Miami so he can get to know Jane better.

Over the seasons, we’ve come to know Rogelio as the wise, kind, and giving mensch that he is. He’s been a strong, supportive father to Jane and his baby daughter, Baby. Although on the exterior he can come across as a narcissist, we know under all the bluster he’s got a heart of gold. 

Rogelio never stopped loving Xiomara despite many a tryst with beautiful actresses, and he’s now happily married to his first love. Though Xio and Rogelio butt heads, we miss them in any Jane the Virgin scene they’re not in. Rogelio may have unconventional ways of showing support, but he’ll always be there for his girls.

Since Rogelio’s scenes are the most enjoyable part of any Jane the Virgin episode, it’s no surprise that he may be getting his own spinoff. Planned spinoff Jane the Novella has been scrapped, but The CW does still want to do a Jane the Virgin spinoff around a plotline in the original show.

Naturally, everyone’s guessing the most theatrical character will headline his own show in the “real world” of the Jane universe. That makes sense, as each episode would offer countless opportunities for Rogelio’s hijinks in his goal to make himself look better. There are a million and one reasons why Jaime Camil deserves to headline his own show, but we’ll try to keep the dramatics down and list only a few.

Spoilers for Jane the Virgin season five below – and you know telenovelas save their best twists for the final season – so stay away if you’re not caught up yet.

We’ll get to see more of This is Mars.

Everyone’s favorite telenovela in a telenovela, This is Us But in Space – or rather, This is Mars – has officially been picked up for a series order, so we’ll get to explore more of the very original plotlines. Even if the show is a This is Us rip off, it’s fun to watch just for seeing Brooke Shields and Jaime Camil try to act serious in such excessive sets and costumes. Oh, and Rogelio has a tail that seems to be sentient. More, please! 

Xio & Ro take on New York.

Rogelio agreed to River’s request to move This is Mars to the Big Apple, and Xio found a nursing school there, so the two can go together. Miami is a very different city than NYC, but it’s just as big on the dramatics as Rogelio. Knowing how he is, Ro will quickly find a way to cause trouble.

We get to see more of Esteban – because who wouldn’t want to? 

One condition of Rogelio’s move to NYC was that Darci, Esteban, and Baby would also move to NYC so he could stay in Baby’s life. Of course, Esteban tricked Rogelio into giving him a bigger role on This is Mars to convince him to come to New York. We know Esteban is going to continue to be sneaky and mischievous, and we can’t wait for more. Speaking of past feuds . . .

River & Rogelio’s feud may make a return.

It seemed after Rogelio helped River bond with Pond that she was on good terms with him after everything else that’s been going on. But River was hellbent on revenge, a mere few episodes ago and we can’t see her magically giving that up. With Rogelio and River still working together in a new city, something will bring that feud back up. It is a telenovela after all.

Rogelio is the king of drama – figuratively and literally.

If you don’t think Rogelio has enough personal drama to fuel his own show, you’re too focused on #TeamMichael vs. #TeamRafael and need to pay more attention.

Between his feuds with Esteban and River, the situation with Rogelio and Darci trying to raise Baby – the child conceived after they split up (with the pregnancy being revealed when Ro was about to get married to Xio) – Rogelio trying to get this new show off the ground, or supporting Xio and her nursing school desires, there are plenty of plotlines for at least two seasons.

We want more stories from the Jane the Virgin universe.

We’re depressed the final episode airs so soon and want more of the Villanueva family drama. With a Rogelio spin off, we get our weekly dose of Ro, Xio, River, and Darci, plus there are plenty of opportunities for Jane and co. to make guest appearances. Please CW, give us more of the telenovela thrill we need!

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