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Netflix series 'El Rey' portrays Vicente Fernandez's life & career. Here are the coolest cast members from this new show.

The coolest cast members from Netflix’s ‘El Rey’

Not anyone can be called a king, also, not anyone gets to have a biographical series on Netflix, this is clearly the case with Vicente Fernandez. His Netflix series portrays his life & career, and it has already reached to be number one on the platform.  From September 19th to September 25th, the series reported thirty-three million hours watched, which is a whole lifetime! 

As several TV shows regarding the life of iconic figures, we’ll see different Vicente’s and other characters in order to represent multiple moments of his life. The same narrative resource was used in Luis Miguel’s series a couple of years ago. This is something important to mention because it changes the entire way we can analyze characters. Also, it talks about hard work for the casting department. 

Like it or not (depending on your political orientation), Vicente Fernandez is an icon of Mexican culture & music. For this reason, having a biographical Netflix series of him makes all sense, yet, let’s talk about the show. Aside from the general production and the icon Vicente Fernandez is, something the cast selection is something important in the success of this series, let’s analyze them. 

Vicente Fernandez played by Jaime Camil 

Although we’re watching the story of the life of an icon since his childhood and all the faces of Fernandez’s life matter, the truth is that Jaime Camil does stand out. Although Camil began his career in Mexican telenovelas, he’s already an international actor that has been part of several iconic shows like Jane the Virgin. For this last one, he earned two nominations for Best Supporting Actor. 

Jaime Camil de Saldanha da Gama was born in Mexico in 1973. His parents were Jaime Camil Garza, a Mexican businessman and Cecilia Saldanha da Gama, a Brazilian singer. Like many actors, Camil first went through a regular career like business administration, yet, his real passion brightened, and decided to study acting.  

Camil has studied in New York, Los Angeles, and Mexico and he’s honestly a great actor, he’s also a beloved figure in Mexican culture. For this reason, Camil is definitely El Rey of  El Rey. Yet, let’s not forget the team is formed by several talented cast members.  The other interpreters of Vicente Fernandez are also worth recognition: Kaled Acab (kid), Sebastián García (teen), and  Sebastián Dante (young). 

Refugio Abarca played by Marcela Guirado

Love is definitely one of the most important parts of a human’s life, right? No matter if we’re talking about friends or romances, whomever we love ends up saying a lot of ourselves. In this case, Refugio Abarca, also known as “Doña Cuquita” was the owner of Fernandez’s heart which is why her role is fundamental in that storyline. Refugio’s character is also played by more than one actress.

We’ve chosen Marcela Guirado’s interpretation of Refugio to be our favorite, only because the situations she goes through are more mature. Nonetheless, Refugio’s young version was played by the Mexican model & actress Regina Pavón, who is also very talented. Guirado was born in 1989 in Guadalajara, Jalisco. She got interested in acting at a very young age and soon began to appear in school plays, honestly, this is how several acting stories began. So don’t you ever underestimate school plays. 

She has been part of the cast of successful series like Selena, telenovelas, and movies. Yet, she became more recognized since she played Verónica Castro in Netflix’s Luis Miguel Netflix series, which we highly recommend too. Nonetheless, According to Guirado, El Rey represented such a big challenge & opportunity, which she definitely used very well. 

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