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Did you just finish binge-watching 'Resident Alien' on Syfy? Binge it again or check out some other great picks you should watch right now.

‘Resident Alien’: All the beloved TV shows celebrating extraterrestrials

Ready for a journey that’s out of this world? Everyone always loves a good story about extraterrestrials no matter the case, whether it’s lighthearted, family-fun like ET, something action-packed like the Alien series, or something philosophical like Arrival. Whatever the case may be, the entertainment industry has surely loved to make stories about extraterrestrials. Check out some of the best shows about aliens here. 

Resident Alien

In this show created by SyFy, Resident Alien is about an alien who lands on Earth due to a crash and is forced to hide in a remote mountain area that ends up being Colorado. After he disguises himself, taking the identity of the small town’s doctor, his journey is again interrupted after coming across a young nine-year-old boy who for some reason, can see his true form underneath as an alien. 

While this show only has one season so far, Resident Alien has been met with raving reviews as the Rotten Tomatoes score currently stands at an impressive ninety-three percent. There have also only been ten episodes released, so it will surely be an easy watch. Alan Tudyk also stars as the leading role, and many have called this show clever, funny, suspenseful, and incredibly interesting. 

Solar Opposites 

Alright, so this one probably isn’t the type of show that you would expect to see end up on this list, but it definitely falls into the extraterrestrial category. While it may not be serious or plot-heavy like Resident Alien, it also exemplifies a story of aliens trying to navigate their way and blend into the human world. If you’re into comedic adult animation, then Solar Opposites would be the perfect show for you. 

Solar Opposites can be streamed on Hulu, and currently has two full seasons out. If your sense of humor is a lot like Rick and Morty, you’ll definitely enjoy this show since it has a similar style in art & humor, as Justin Roiland also helped create this project. This show is all about an obscure family of aliens who live in middle America after their spaceship crashes, and have plenty of wild journeys and funny memories on Earth. 

Another Life

If you’re looking for something more serious, even more serious than Resident Alien, Another Life is probably the extraterrestrial show for you. It’s currently available to stream on Netflix, and so far only has one season out with ten episodes, so it also makes it an easy watch. Another Life is centered around the journey of an astronaut named Niko Breckinridge who’s job is to search the world for alien life. 

Niko, played by Katee Sackhoff, ends up leading a crew whose mission is to explore the genesis of what is believed to be an alien artifact that they discovered on planet Earth. However, as Niko and her crew begin their investigation on the artifact, they also begin to face wild & surprising dangers. Ready for a science-fiction drama that’s full of great twists and turns? This should definitely be your next binge-watch. 

Twin Peaks

If you’re a fan of shows & movies that make you wonder what the f*@# is going on every ten minutes, then this classic television series is for you. With David Lynch, the king of the absurd, as the mastermind of Twin Peaks, you already know you’re in for a treat with this show. Aliens isn’t the main thing going on in this show, but it’s definitely one point in this crazy plot. 


How could we forget about this classic alien TV show? Created by The Simpsons mastermind Matt Groening, Futurama was an adult animation containing some really cool sci-fi elements mixed with lighthearted fun & comedy. This show begins when Philip J. Fry, a pizza guy who was frozen for 1000 years, wakes up in a world in the future with robots, aliens, and all types of space invaders & creatures.  

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