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The highly anticipated season two of 'Solar Opposites' will be premiering soon. Check out the new trailer & all the juicy details to prepare yourself here.

‘Solar Opposites’ season 2: Check out the insane new trailer

When the first season of Solar Opposites dropped on Hulu in 2020, the adult animated-comedy show received positive & exciting reviews from both critics & the general public alike. The funny bits along with the cool science-fiction concepts captivated many people and left them wanting more of Solar Opposites

So, when will fans get the second season they’ve been waiting for? If you’ve been one of those folks patiently anticipating more of the show, we’ve got some good news for you. The trailer for the next season of Solar Opposites just dropped on Wednesday, and we’ve also got you covered with some additional details all about season two. Take a look at the sneak peek of the upcoming episodes here. 

The season two trailer 

From the two-minute long trailer, it’s clear to see that season two of Solar Opposites will be just as raunchy, audacious, and humorous than the first one. The trailer kicks off with Korvo preparing for liftoff in an apparently newly repaired spaceship, with the aliens more ready than ever to leave the planet. 

As he and the rest of the Shlorpion family prepare to finally ascend from Earth, they fly up as Korvo tells the humans to “enjoy the melting ice caps”, only for the ship to malfunction & send them right back down to Earth where they continue to be trapped. While their spaceship may still be busted, this means there’s still plenty of fun for these aliens to have back down here in the human world. 

The trailer gives a glimpse of all the crazy plots viewers will be able to witness in season two of Solar Opposites, and the show will even tackle current events such as the COVID-19 pandemic, shown in a scene where a bartender yells: “Are you crazy? Where are your masks?” It also shows that humans are still being shrunken down and dropped into the “Wall society” in Yumyulack & Jesse’s bedroom just like season one.


Other crazy moments we saw from the trailer include the aliens engineering monsters that happen to eat people and poop them out as wine bottles, along with Yumyulack acquiring “Big D*ck Energy (BDE)” that ends up being a little more dangerous for humanity than he initially thought. Did these ideas come from some sort of plot generator? 

Behind the scenes

Justin Roiland, the legendary co-creator of Solar Opposites, expressed his excitement for season two to SYFY Wire last year and explained that “we’ve got all these crazy ideas. It’s Schrodinger’s Cat & we haven’t really 100 percent opened that box all the way, but we’ve talked about a few things that are really insane. I don’t wanna say anything because it’s just so far down the road. But the Wall is definitely a part of it.”

Mike McMahon, the other co-creator of the show, also dived deeper into the “Wall society” inside Yumyulack & Jesse’s bedroom, and expressed: “The type of story [in the] first season that we told about the Wall was about the haves and the have nots and rising up and making the world a better place; & betrayals; and this kind of War of the Roses”.

“Second season, [we’ll have] the same Wall, same characters, same timeline. It’s gonna keep moving forward, but a different type of dramatic storytelling. You’ll have to tune in next season to see if we did War of the Roses first season, where do we go next season? It might be even better than the first season. It’s crazy”.

The highly anticipated season two of Solar Opposites will be available to stream on Hulu on March 26, 2021. Will you be tuning in? Do you think the upcoming season will live up to its expectations? Let us know in the comments.

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